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Wednesday, December 03, 2014


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Amanda Dallin

Only 8 of the top 25 are adult rated.

zz bottom

But only 2 on the full list are general.
And where are the famous skill game regions, if any?

zz bottom

Huups, 5, lol 5 regions are G rated.
Still it is obvious that labeling a sim Adult and making it the same as = Porno, terrible, LL should not allow adult content and so on, is as silly now as it was always been.

Shockwave Yareach

Eh what's done is done. Ll drove the ship headlong into icebergs repeatedly, even as their customers screamed about the damage being done. Ll told their customers to shut it, that SL was not a virtual world where they had any rights at all and if they didn't like it then leave.

Over and over I warned about the exodus. I also warned that people driven out by ll stupidity would never come back for any reason. So here we see the results of ll not simply leaving customers alone to enjoy their purchases - the g rated lands that were supposed to be full of RL businesses are nowhere to be found, and only the adult sims are able to make enough cash to stay afloat. Yeah, way to clean up the grid lindens...

Shannon Bramlington

We'd love to be in your SL Go itinerary.

Shannon Bramlington
Owner Sweethearts

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