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Friday, January 30, 2015


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maxwell graf

worth mention:

• MS Hololens
• OSVR - Open Source Virtual Reality protocols
• GLNext - a completely revamped OpenGL API for graphics coming from (primarily) Valve software

The head engineer of OSVR confirmed recently (in a reddit AMA session) that right now a big part of what is holding back VR is not hardware related but an almost complete lack of viable applications for that plethora of hardware. The software is missing, the "killer app" (forgive the phrase) that will convince the masses to strap something onto their face. The hardware hype cycle is in full spin, for certain, with the recent CES being choc-full of VR and AR gear from just about everybody. This follows the dangerous precedent of inflated hype cycle followed by ultimate let down consumer cycle that VR has promised and so often failed to deliver on since CGI first appeared on the screen in James Bond "The man with the Golden Gun" in 1974 (the scene with the car flipping over the ruined bridge was done using very early polygonal models to plot the correct math for the jump and test various outcomes.) With this in mind it is refreshing to see many of the items on Phil's list leaning toward application rather than hardware.

Aside from some major game titles the initial big push for USING the hardware coming out will still be the place where it will already have a lot to use it on: Virtual worlds. That is largely dependent on the initial releases of products from SL2, HighFidelity, Mivvo and Cosmos3D. If any one of them can pull off what they are attempting to accomplish, it will be a huge opportunity for the hardware industry trying to convince us that this is really going to be big this time, not just another virtualboy-du-jour release cycle based on vaporware and promises.

I really like that the projects on his list are slanted to edu and special needs applications like dealing with disease, handicaps and mental illnesses, all of which are undervalued and underexposed in the current worlds out there.

Sniper Siemens

Very nice....eheheh
The return of " The Rig" :-)


Cindy Bolero

Worth Mention:

I love VRchat!!

Its a user-generated content VR MMO that can be used even without an HMD! Anyone with basic Unity3D skills can create rooms and environments, as well as upload custom avatars.

My favorite part? EASY PEASY! No coding!

Visit VRchat on Sundays 4pmPST for weekly Meetup!


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