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Thursday, January 29, 2015


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Issa Heckroth

.....can you slex? ^^


Great idea! Hopefully it will cause people to think about how religions get started.

Rod says, "...there is nothing in here which is likely to offend anyone," however I will be surprised if it isn't banned in many Muslim countries, on the grounds that it promotes the sin of apostasy which is "the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed." Therefore creating another religion would surely be deemed apostasy, even in the context of a game, and the penalty for that could be death.


I've now read the manual for the game, and must say I am offended myself.

Not only do I not have the opportunity to play an ancient god (my obvious preference), but the ancient gods are always shown trying to destroy the world. In fact. we ancient Egyptian gods tried to restore Maat, the ancient harmony of the Universe.

It was these murderous cults which were destroying the world then, especially the one that won the Dark Ages, slaughtered all the pagan priests, and began the endless religious wars still being fought.

It is the murderous cults which gained power then, as well as new ones which arise today, that are destroying the world now, and make headlines with their religious wars.

So this game started with a good idea, but then got the theology all wrong when it blamed evil on all the ancient gods. I grant that many of the ancient gods were evil, but to imply we were all evil is wrong and offensive.

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