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Friday, January 23, 2015


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Lindal Kidd

Um...pardon me, Hamlet, but there is a huge difference in the quality of the two vids. Yours is (at most) viewable in 720p resolution and the default is a low 380. Kaya's is a full 1080p, plus in her machinima, Materials are enabled in the textures. (It's utterly gorgeous!)

I'm glad that SLGo is enabling you to visit places you couldn't experience before, though!


Hi Hamlet,

Not sure what you are comparing in videos.. SLGo looks nothing like Kaya Angels video in terms of textures viewable. Sure you can move around as fast ..but so can I in standard SL viewer without Advanced Lighting enabled.

Actually even when enabled on an iMac with 16GB ram I can roam the sims easily.

I took a photo recently on Ultra and whacked everything up .. and agree I don't see what Kayas beast can do : https://www.flickr.com/photos/adec/16157524448/sizes/o/

Not sure SLGo really matched upto Kayas video.. just sayin' ..

Mitch Wagner

Alas, I *still* can't get SL Go to work on my ancient Mac. I'll try it on my iPad mini at some point.

Estelle Pienaar

I really like this blog a lot and I am sorry that I am ranting already the scond time in two weeks. I am even more sorry to say that this is in no way an advertisement for SLgo. You are probably not used to SL with high specks and you just have the wrong settings - or SLgo is far worse than I believed.

About textures: I seriously hope that you forgot to enable materials in the preferences. You don't need a ferrari to render materials locally, even a lower range ford will do. It's hard to believe that SLgo isn't able to show materials textures.

What was a real shock for me was all this screen tearing! If slGo is like that, I won't use it for a minute. Horrible! I have never ever seen so much screen tearing with any PC settup before as I see in your video!? Again it might be your settings and that you have v-sync dissabled, but who knows?

SLgo should teach you how to get the best graphics results before you publish videos for them! I am now much more sceptical about the service than before.

PS: SLgo only manages to stream 720p, not full HD. that is a known problem.

Wagner James Au

"Yours is (at most) viewable in 720p resolution and the default is a low 380. Kaya's is a full 1080p, plus in her machinima, Materials are enabled in the textures."

Yeah that's a fair point, I meant to say running in SL Go the quality looked about the same to me. The video I shot has less quality than Kaya's, largely because I was running at a lower frame-capture/resolution, so I didn't end up with a insanely massive file to upload.



The Landmark for The Rose Theater is wrong on this blog. It's landing people in my private residence. IM me as Michael C. Whitfield or search "The Rose Theatre" for the correct LM. Thanks.

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