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Friday, January 30, 2015


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Cube Republic

A great read.


I went to read Canary's analysis of Frank's. I've not visited, but there is something nightmarish about formal ware, easy-listening, and a mall bundled together.

It's rather like a place where we'd shunt the ebbing minds of institutionalized elderly folk, once we have VR. IRL they'd be strapped to feeding and toilet tubes, but their minds would be tripping the light fantastic, right out of a cyberpunk novel.

IRL we have so many "real-fake" places. American (and UK) suburbia is all real-fake, trying to conjure some vision of rural (or rural village) quiet and sense of community that few if any suburbanites have experienced. In the words of novelist and social critic James Howard Kunstler, who has worked with my classes a few times, such RL places are "not worth caring about." With him, I argue that we need more places worth caring around, even dying for. Maybe we'll all just sink into virtuality instead; fixing RL is so much harder.

Cube Republic

Ha Iggy, if you want a nightmare look up English New Towns. They looked nice on paper, but decades on they're soulless crap holes.

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