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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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Hats are very important things. I never leave home without one.

The RL economy resembles phantoms betting phantasmal gold (someone else's usually) that another phantom will lose his bet on the flow of electrons we now call "money."

So could one of you explain to me why working for Steam is not the best possible preparation for running an economy?

Greece has good food and coffee, too. I'm sure it beats whatever was given out at Steam.

shirc desantis

Now lets see Valve customers adopt the Syriza-coalition anti-austerity stance and demand cancellation of all debts and/or a disguised bailout :)
Actually, this could make fun watching - the dude might actually bring in something that works.
Plus its a nice addition to politics watching, my third favourite pastime.

Adeon Writer

Topical: I just sold all of my TF2 hats and now have about 450 dollars in valve store credit. Shame they don't let you cash out. But now I have some spending money for games for the next few months.

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