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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


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Pump and Dump. That is what this is all over again. Since everything was deregulated, nothing in finance is reliant on building reliable cash flow and steady growth. Everyone wants the bubble. They want to pump it and dump it.

They did it for the web in late nineties/early 00's, they did it for VR, they did it for games etc. Now we have come full circle and they are doing it with those ridiculous boxes they expect fools to put on their heads.

I, personally, will wear nothing that cuts me off from my surroundings and puts myself and my family in danger. In danger of accidents, in danger of physical vulnerability to others, most importantly real danger of psychosis.

But I'm sure the pump and dump will work as it has done before. All we'll be left with is the detritus to sift through to find something worthwhile.

Plus they are still trying to falsely sell the story that SL is almost dead. Which they have to do in order to create the illusion of any kind of market for themselves. Second Life, like WOW in games, pretty much has the whole market to itself. And I'm now almost certain that anyone who has the ability and the desire to play VR is already in SL. Any contenders would have to be damn good to kill SL. And so far, none of the past contenders have been able to dent it.


@ melponeme
"I, personally, will wear nothing that cuts me off from my surroundings and puts myself and my family in danger. In danger of accidents, in danger of physical vulnerability to others, most importantly real danger of psychosis."

You nailed it! That is so true.

"Any contenders would have to be damn good to kill SL. And so far, none of the past contenders have been able to dent it"

Facebook creates a world to take on linden lab it will fail just over privacy rights alone as Faceflop.


VR Hype? New shiny. Of course Philip is excited. That's his job.

I was excited in 2007. I should have known better, being older that Philip.

In '68 I was convinced that a Howard Johnsons would be in orbit. I was convinced that I'd have a flying car by 2001 and in the meantime, I was convinced that by the time I got my license in 1976, I'd be driving a 600-horsepower 1976 Pontiac GTO burning 10-cent-per-gallon hi-test.

Yeah. Could be wrong this time! But I doubt it...

Shockwave Yareach

I personally don't mind headsets that isolate you. When you go to the movies, do you complain about the darkness? The same "danger" is present in a movie theater that's present wearing an HMD.

My biggest gripe has been the terrible performance up till recently. It is getting better at last. But my beef has been that you couldn't immerse yourself into the VR world because of poor picture and head tracking. I could not care less I have a thing on my head. And seeing the crazy stuff American sports fans put on their heads, I doubt most people won't care either - especially when an entire world that can be just what you want it to be is the prize. Sick of living in a congested city? Log into your own 400 acre plot in the mountains every day after work...

But first the quality of almost being there has to exist.

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