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Thursday, February 19, 2015


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These guys have some of the best chocalates and local goods in the SF area that I have tried out. They have numerous samples that you can even try daily before buying. The people who work for them are extremely friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I really dont have anything but nice things to say about them, but what irrates me is that they don't really get that many Bitcoin transactions IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!
Regardless, they have stayed with Bitcoin and really deserve some love from the community. I'm always asking them how many bitcoin transactions they have and im always sad when they tell me 1-2 others per month. We all want biz's to accept BTC but we need to also be spending at places like this which are as loyal as they come.
Please make an effort if youre located in SF to get to one of their spots. I recommend the shop on Haight St if you are ever in the hood!

Kitty Revolver

Even though I don't really use much cash (food trucks around the library naturally don't take cards) much anymore, I still feel iffy around digital money.


Will this chocolate fellow take tulips as payment instead?

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