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Thursday, February 26, 2015


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The much-touted, oh-so-promising Clang! sword-fighting game just up and vanished, Neil Stephenson and all. But it was $25 on a crap-shoot for me. I rolled snake eyes.


"don't buy access to an unfinished game thinking only about what it will be and not what it currently is."

^^ that


Thank you so much for this article. There's been all kind of arguments made regarding the issue and way too much of it is really harsh judgments from people who don't understand that with a changing industry, definitions and expectations must evolve (on both sides) as well lest everything ends up in bitterness.

I'm lucky in that two years after I started work on Winterfall and despite going through every step of the indie dev nightmare, my commitment to attaining my goal is intact but that too did require lots of self-work and a certain sense of realism and self-preservation.

Anyways, I really thank you for the balanced and empathetic nature of your article where you are able to look at the matter from both angles of customer and a developer. Healthy and refreshing read!

geometry dash

One of the best retro looking games that I ever seen is Geometry Dash, his creator "Robert" do and incredible work and I'm waiting for the next update 2.1!

aliexpress pc

Looks great but, I love that kind of ideas, crowfunding for newbies programers of games is a very nice plan.

clahs of clans hack

Thank you so much for this article, that's a healthy and refreshing read!

Walter Sobchak

Its two way mirror. Early access can give us a masterpiece like Starbound and FTL, but most early access games are crap

brawl stars apk

This game is good, not crap like many others.

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