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Monday, February 02, 2015


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Vanadis Falconer

I have written in my blog for 4,5 years. 5 days a week.
I have some advice to share to:
A blogtext has to be short, 900-1200 letters each. If you have more to say make two blogpost of it instead.
Write for stock, I have always 5-10 unpublishes timeless blogpost to use when my time for SL is to short.
Use Facebook and twitter to promote your blog.
Link to other bloggers writing about SL, and they will link to your blog -we are at least 10 Scandinavian SL-blogger(with translator) bloging on regular basis

Colleen Criss

SL Blogger Support has some awesome tutorials for getting the most out of your blogging efforts too.



Thank you for this... it is really discouraging the first few months. My friends are being very supportive but when you are getting started in a niche there is just... silence. And no established path for success or content. Right no there aren't any feeds for what I'm doing and nothing to judge myself by or take inspiration from except for blogs long since closed or outside my genre.

But - those outside my genre have been so welcoming and encouraging, SL Blogger support has provided a community already and their tutorials have been phenomenal. And words of encouragement like this really make the difference. :) Thank you!

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