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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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Jessica Pixel

Be careful streaming 'non-games' on Twitch. I actually had my account banned for 24 hours today while I was streaming myself scripting things in Second Life. Granted, I think that happens when someone reports you and my screen probably didn't look like I was 'playing', even though I know there wasn't anything questionable on my screen. I've submitted an appeal, but since it's only 24 hours, I doubt anything will happen before tomorrow.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Though there isn't an official Linux OBS build yet, it also works on Linux if you compile from source. I had to fiddle a bit to get the library path set and the colors right. But it's a heck of a lot easier to use than fiddling with ffmpeg's x11grab feature on the command line or in a shell script. AND it can record both application output AND mic-in at the same time easily, which X11grab can not do.

I personally would advise against streaming SL to Twitch, it may fall under the same issue as the PS4's Playroom application,being technically not a game but "something else" Ustream should be fine though.

Quick note to PS4 owners, while the PS4 Live app only shows streams from PS4's, you CAN watch non-PS4 streams using the PS4's web browser.


Streaming Second Life itself should be fine. It's not in the same category as Playroom (and there were other issues with Playroom specifically that lead to its exclusion). SL is an MMO, so it would be reasonable to contest it if you get banned. It's in Twitch's own game database, after all.

This does not account for Photoshop/3D modelling programs and such, however. Lots of game devs stream stuff like this on Twitch (especially during game jams) and a lot of admins seem to look the other way on it, but I'd be surprised if they extended that same courtesy to someone putting together a shoe for SL. So, like I said, there's still risk.

Jessica Pixel

As a follow up, my account has been unsuspended from Twitch (after 24 hours), but I have yet to hear back from someone regarding the actual reason for my suspension.

I'm going to refrain from streaming anything but obvious games until I do hear from them because I'm pretty sure if you're suspended a few times, you're eventually perma-banned.


Twitch bans Second Life because of adult content I believe, regardless if a person is actually showing adult content. I don't have any source of Twitch stating this I just know Second Life content has been devoid there years, and unexplained ban incidents like Jessica Pixels' aren't uncommon.

It'd be nice if Linden Lab explained to Twitch that banning streaming of the viewer makes as much sense as banning streaming Google Chrome. Adult content isn't automatic, it requires explicit unfiltering for, searching for and navigating to.

In the meantime, Twitch is not a good place for Second Life content.

Jessica Pixel

As another follow up, Twitch has finally responded to my email about my 24 hour ban for streaming Second Life. Their reply was that Second Life is not permitted to be streamed. Here's the email I sent along with their reply:


FEB 24, 2015 | 03:34PM PST
Ryan Kennedy replied:
Hello liftedpixel,

Your account was suspended for streaming Second Life, which is not permitted for streaming on our services. Do not do this again.

FEB 23, 2015 | 11:49AM PST
liftedpixel replied:
My email is not about a site suspension. Please respond to my question.
FEB 23, 2015 | 10:35AM PST
Original message
liftedpixel wrote:

Hello staff,

A few days ago (2/18), my channel 'liftedpixel' was given a 24 hour ban for 'other'. The ban was lifted after the 24 hours but I need clarification on streaming Second Life.

At the time I was suspended, I was streaming as I was creating objects in Second Life. This is a very major part of the game. I was mostly scripting, so maybe at first glance it would not look like I was 'playing'. I have read things online today that say things like 'Second Life is banned from being streamed on Twitch' but I have seen others streaming the game as well as it being a game you can pick to be playing.

I would like to continue streaming Second Life when I play it, but not if I'm going to be banned for it. Can you please give clarification on whether streaming Second Life is permitted or not? Will I be banned again for 'playing' the game, even if it doesn't look like playing from someone who is not familiar with the game? Is it possible to know if someone reported my stream as inappropriate when I was within the terms of service?

I also find it off putting that my page shows that my account is suspended for a terms of service violation when that is certainly not the case. There are many people that stream as they work in modeling software or drawing (twitch.tv/anuxinamoon for example). Writing scripts in Second Life should fall in the same category.

Thank you for your help,
Jessica / liftedpixel


I'm surprised their stance on it is that strong, to be honest! I've streamed SL myself in the past without incident, but I was wandering around and assumed that Jessica's ban was more to do with the appearance of the scripting process not looking like a game. Maybe this is a newer policy, or maybe their enforcement's just spotty. I'll do some leg work and follow up. Thanks for letting me know!

Cyclic Gearz

According to my investigating (aka furious Googling and asking friends who stream on Twitch), Twitch do not allow Second Life streaming since January 2014. There are no rules about it, but people who have streamed it (as in exclusively and using the category) since then seem to be getting suspensions.

My advice for content creators for SL, is to make sure to use the correct category for Game Development, you are after all developing content for a game.

Putting yourself in the Second Life category on Twitch these days seems to result in bans and suspensions.

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