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Monday, March 23, 2015


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Metacam Oh

Film work could use a little help, wonder why they didn't get Metaverse TV this year?

Ajax Manatiso

I see this as yet another attempt to make an "SL For People Who Don't Like SL." The people who have property or businesses will stay on old SL and people who have never had an interest in SL will pass it up. Remember how hundreds of thousands were going to flock to SL once there was mesh, or Oculus, or normal maps, or voice IMs, or fill-in-the-blank. None ever happened.

EI Consulting

Ebbe Keynote Sucks >

Not a single Presentation Slide of SL Next-Generation Opportunities was Shown.

Ebbe only has trivial Bells and Whistles - Windows 10 & #3DHolographic are NextGen Opportunities http://ow.ly/KFd8S

Ebbe lacks the Technology Agnostic Approach like the World Bank indicates about ICT Education:
Worst practice in ICT use in education http://ow.ly/KC33s

More and more existing competitors leave SL NextGen (in-the-pipeline) eating the dust. They already exist as Platform-as-a-Service PaaS use case platform:

What Next Generation Opportunities exist for Virtual Worlds >

3D Holographic https://www.facebook.com/groups/quality.immersiveworld.journalism/permalink/825046890899211/

Flatscreen https://www.facebook.com/groups/quality.immersiveworld.journalism/permalink/8250

Linden Lab Quality Corporate Culture makes Dog Tails Wag - Life at Linden Lab http://ow.ly/KCDfh

EI Consulting

Don't mind me, I'm a bot.

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