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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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Graham Mills

Thanks for mentioning OpenSim, Hamlet. For many OpenSim folk it's about the having the space to build and be creative as much as the raw visitor counts. For educators it's great being able to upload and clone regions when needed and then take them down again when you're done. And don't forget the hypergrid itself - suddenly any participating region is just a map search away! Nearest thing to the metaverse yet.

Mark Stanton

@EI Consulting

Enough with the links we get it..jeez!
we know your EI Consulting,Han Held,RU Losing Hair,

If it's not informative then it's trolling!


Once you have had a whole region of your own to play with, it can be hard to go back to building in SL. The new people I meet in opensim are mostly creators from SL who want more freedom and prims. Plus they can make backups of everything. The price comparisons are ridiculous. You can run your own world for free. You can get a region for $8 a month. You can get 5 regions for $20 a month on Kitely. It's pretty awesome.

zz bottom

Nobody can compare Minecraft with Second Life or Open sim, it is a game for iphones, with clumsy 80th's style graphics to say the least.

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