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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


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Ciaran Laval

So what rating is Grand Theft Auto?

Ziki Questi

You're drawing a correlation between the most populated sims on the one hand, which hold 100 or so people maximum simultaneously, and Second Life users as a whole and their whereabouts on the other (with concurrency at 49k as I write this, according to Tyche's database), but I'm not sure anyone with competency in statistics would assume that popularity in these thirteen individual adult sims necessarily correlates to strong "adult" interests among in Second Life residents as a whole. One would need to examine a far deeper set of data to arrive at a conclusion.

Also, you're incorrect about "some nudity permitted" on General sims. It's not. See: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119#Section_.2.2

Kim Anubis

Not to debate the other points, but SL can't be rated "Adults-only", because minors are allowed to use it.

zz bottom

Sadly, cause when i did join there was a teen grid and Sl was really only for adults.
Id any many are getting wrong is that Sl or Sl2 need to be mainstream and for kids.
Its' future as any virtual grid not dedicated to education is focusing on the "Only adults" users, period.
But well, we already know that Sl v2 will be +13 so no doubt no adult content in there will be allowed, therefore Sl v1 will keep going and even if it ends, Open sim adult grids are already a reality.


I am horrified about the existance an adult-rated Fawlty Towers sim. Horrified. I blame Manuel.

Arcadia Codesmith

The next incarnation of Second Life might have tighter restrictions on subadult zones, but I'm certain they will have adult content. I know there's some sentiment that sex is preventing SL from being mainstream, but sex IS mainstream, and might in fact be the single largest segment of mainstream online culture.

SL has gotten as far as it has, not despite sex but in part because of it. Conversely, other virtual worlds have foundered in part because they tried to ban sex.

It's not a design decision to focus on explicit content that drives it, because LL certainly hasn't. The sexual content of Second Life is a natural and inevitable consequence of giving the users as much freedom as possible to create and play as they wish. We of course use that freedom to fulfill desires and dreams we can't always have in real life, and for many of us, that includes a certain amount of sometimes very kinky sex.

That's the nature of freedom. When you liberate people, they often use their freedom in ways of which you don't approve. That's not an excuse to intervene, unless they're using their freedom to oppress other people.

Shockwave Yareach

It isn't difficult to manage ratings. Simply have Mainland split into thee continents - g, m, and a. Make it so each continent is all one rating and you don't have kids in g cramming into the skin store in m next door. Simple.

And this is what they SHOULD have done when they forced everyone off their paid for property and over to Zindra. Of course, that's only one of a litany of mistakes where LL took a bad solution and worked long and hard to make it even worse.

If twitch doesn't want SL videos then that's thier choice. And it opens the door for other companies who won't care what game you show. Maybe a firm south of the border where busy body net washers are roundly ignored? A company in Mexico needs not care that a Mormon presidential hopeful doesn't like their streaming service - he's not paying the bills.

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