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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


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EI Consulting

There is no spam bot, you see due-diligent fact-findings... Are you back to killing the messenger, like in Old Rome.

EI Consulting

You should complain at the authors of those due-diligent sources, if you don't like the content.

EI Consulting

This was the full posting...

Ebbe Keynote Sucks >

Not a single Presentation Slide of SL Next-Generation Opportunities was Shown.

Ebbe only has trivial Bells and Whistles - Windows 10 & #3DHolographic are NextGen Opportunities http://ow.ly/KFd8S

Ebbe lacks the Technology Agnostic Approach like the World Bank indicates about ICT Education:
Worst practice in ICT use in education http://ow.ly/KC33s

More and more existing competitors leave SL NextGen (in-the-pipeline) eating the dust. They already exist as Platform-as-a-Service PaaS use case platform:

What Next Generation Opportunities exist for Virtual Worlds >

3D Holographic https://www.facebook.com/groups/quality.immersiveworld.journalism/permalink/825046890899211/

Flatscreen https://www.facebook.com/groups/quality.immersiveworld.journalism/permalink/8250

Linden Lab Quality Corporate Culture makes Dog Tails Wag - Life at Linden Lab http://ow.ly/KCDfh

Wagner James Au

"There is no spam bot, you see due-diligent fact-findings."

If you're an actual person, what's your name? And can you please explain your thesis in a few clear sentences without links?

EI Consulting

What for? You can see the authors of the sources, that's what counts. I only relay the facts... and I also explained things in a few sentences.

All that has nothing to do with your censoring actionism, you have a clear-cut Journalist Code of Ethics (some 100 years old), and it is warranted dis-appraisal to point to your lack of compliance.

EI Consulting

You invented the Spam Bot allegation. I dont even know how to deploy a spam bot within a TypePad account.

EI Consulting

So when will you start addressing the Content behind those links, instead of hassling around about the Packaging.

Wagner James Au

Actually El Consulting seems to be coming from multiple IP locations, so it could very well be a bot. Also, like a bot, the statements don't seem to follow, and appear to be a random generation of words that aren't coherent. For instance:

"Ebbe lacks the Technology Agnostic Approach like the World Bank indicates about ICT Education".

That is incorrect. Actually, Ebbe has often talked about NGL interoperating with standard 3D building platforms, so it does seem to be agnostic.

And how does it follow to discuss the World Bank in this context, and why should it matter? So again, I'm thinking bot.

EI Consulting

What is so hard about creating a stupid presentation slide, everyone did at that conference. Ebbe did not.

EI Consulting

You seem to be creating inventions that eat the next invention.

EI Consulting

The World Bank link is relevant because of the list of Worst Practices next to the lack of Technology Agnostic Approach.

EI Consulting

Lack of Total-Cost-of-Ownership approach is a further-going item inside the World Bank article.

EI Consulting

Windows 10 & 3D Holographic virtual worlds is next generation, Ebbe did not come near it. He described Bells & Whistles in comparison.

Wagner James Au

Yes, this seems to be a bot, because all of these comments have been made before many dozens of times in multiple contexts and by other users and/or bots, such as "James OReilly:.

EI Consulting

Address the fact-findings and truths behind the links as a due-diligent journalist.

Your can rank your un-quality ways at Capability Immaturity Model:

Capability Immaturity Level Minus 1: Negligent

Capability Immaturity Level Minus 2: Obstructive

Capability Immaturity Level Minus 3: Contemptuous

Capability Immaturity Level Minus 4: Undermining

EI Consulting

Rank your unquality ways in a Self-Assessment Wagner James Au... You have become Bot-predicatable along an un-quality scale,

I am sure that others will be amused reading about un-quality gameplay and other ploys detrimental to virtual worlds.

EI Consulting

Wagner James Au Journalism Sucks >

Au violates Journalist Code of Ethics http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

Hamlet supports a scam confidence trick, instead of Seeking Truth and Reporting It

Orca Flotta

I don't give a flying wet towel about if that guy is a bot or a real person, as long as he is right and makes good arguments all is fine by me. And in the case of Wagner James Au censors and violates journalistic ethics he is certifiably correct. I know since I was a victim of Hamlet's misguided banning policy myself.

Hamlet, remember your post about Blake Sea? I uttered a slight complaint about some bad research and wrong claims and then a whole shitstorm of MTW's alts tried to crash me down, plus he calling me a detractor in bis own forum. And you banned me from commenting here.

So,yes, El Consulting is correct in his statements but you get hung up on technicalities.

Orca Flotta

Oh, and Ebbe's keynote was a real stinker. LL are developing SL2 into a completely wrong direction by abadoning the idea of a world. Hey, that's why most of us are here isn't it. Else we could just muck around in fb or Habbo Hotel or similar "experiences". I prophesize here and now: SL2 will end up as one of the most expensive and useless internet trainwrecks EVER!

Ok, fine by me, kinda getting tired even of the old SL by now and am more or less an avie on her way out. LL made too many mistakes and made life in SL kinda not worth the hassle anymore. Everybody I asked about Ebbe's keynote was of the same opinion. It's sposed to crash and fall flat on its face. At least for all kinda "mobile" residents, the pilots, sailors, bikers and others who have to cross hundreds of sims on a daily base.

And then having to hear - of all the people - from the CEO of your fave VW that he doesn't like the worldmap and doesn't need it is a slap in the face.

I had a bad feeling about Ebbe right from the start: a swede who doesn't sail but goes skiing is highly suspect of all kinds of crimes!!!


Arcadia Codesmith

It is often difficult to distinguish between artificial intelligence and natural stupidity.

EI Consulting

Well, from the beginning I had a good imprerssion of Altberg. Why?

1. He was advocating customer-centered Quality Management, but now his Keynote shows a reverse of strategy...

- "Developers develop for Developers" again, and that didn't work since years.

2. He was advocating the Use Case approach...

- LL CEO Ebbe Altberg uses "Use Case" 20 times

Ebbe's Keynote now shows that he is completely lacking...

Requirements Elicitation

and Ebbe is not up to speed what Education Grid Educators require...

Education Grid Requirements

and Ebbe is not up to speed what Education Grid Educators are talking about...

Windows 10 & 3D Holographics

Merely talking with 2006 SL Educators is looking backwards, and not forwards to 2015+ NextGen Opportunities.

EI Consulting

How do stop Mr. Un-Quality, like James Wagner Aü?

EI Consulting

How do you stop Mr. Un-Quality, like Wagner James Au?

EI Consulting
Issa Heckroth

Arcadia Codesmith blew it out of the water.

Spambot? No.

Mentally challenged crusader-troll? Most certainly.

Ajax Manatiso

EL -- any relation to Wasted Engineer?

Wagner James Au

Hey James OReilly: Instead of constantly posting the same things in comments, would you like to write a guest post for New World Notes? 500-700 words in a standalone post of your own. Write out your opinion on the future of virtual worlds IN A SINGLE COMMENT here, and if it's civil, minimally coherent, and not libelous, I'll be happy to turn that into a guest post all your own.

CronoCloud Creeggan

My guess has always been that "El Consulting" is on the autistic spectrum with english as a second language.

zz bottom

Well Honestly i don't think he is a bot and i do think he has some good points.
Furthermore it is obvious that Orca's is not a bot and she does show All the concerns of the many that do use mainland, do spend time crossing sims and in fact do spent quite a few renting on the most expensive spots of ll sl land, the regions around the blake sea.
Ebbe's response about the map is a slap in the face of all, be moles, linden or users, that did so much for mainland and its unique aspects. No other virtual world has it and its the biggest asset of Sl.

Chrono Tinybun

I think that EL consulting standalone integrity strong statements on the Ebbe model. Why resist World Banking virtual immersive response on the slap in the face of all?

Biggest asset of SL was advocating the case-use approach.

Beep Boop - Waffles for Raglan Shire!

EI Consulting

Wagner James Au, I think you need short and simple sentences.

When will you address the fact-findings presented?

Like a list of NextGen Opportunities presented by Ebbe, and not those mere Bells & Whistles...

EI Consulting

My un-quality ranking of Wagber James Au >

Between Cappability Immaturity level 3-4

Orca Flotta

»Furthermore it is obvious that Orca's is not a bot«
Obrigado, Foneco. But I guess nobody would ever confuse me for a bot. A terrible bi*ch, a fukn techno commie, a always grumpy negative vibrations harbinger of death, an anarchist, a terrorist. Yes, all that. But no, not a bot.


Orca Flotta

I guess some ppl have lost a lot of credibility lately. El Consulting is not one of them.

EI Consulting

NextGen Opportunity in RL Currency: Soon you can offer 3D Holographic Marketing Services for Shop Windows, Exhibitions etc. >

The Ultimate Mannequins http://youtu.be/krUHIcYxiPM

Real-to-Virtual-to-Real - Forget those L$ Peanuts!


Told yall about Ebbe from the get go.

The "reporter" here should stop labeling those he/she disagrees with as 'bots'.

Looks to me like the "reporter" is slowly devolving into mental illness.

See a doctor.

Estelle Pienaar

I agree with James Au that it is not acceptable to have so many non-sense comments in a post because it makes it impossible for other readers who want to share their oppinions to have a conversation.

But I must admit that this post in combination with the almost non-sense comments has made quite an impression on me. Almost like watching a bizarre piece of art.

Pussycat Catnap

If you don't like someone on your personal blog - simply ban them.

There's no reason to keep dragging them up and 'talking about' the nature of them.

I recommend IP bans of progressively higher up the chain:

If the IP is:


Ban at:

and at:

Odds are fairly good you only have one person coming in from that level on the same IP.

This is how I did back when I had to ban forum spammers on a commercial forum I ran a few years back.

Also ban any known accounts of the 'individual(s)'.

And if you have the ability to do it, add in some word filters - that include common phrases this person uses that tend to only be used by this person.

The commercial forum I ran had one of these peculiar 'possibly autistic' sorts that would spam it with bizarre illogical connections and attacks against the CEO who he blamed for some random set of things relating to another nation's politics and the person having failed to graduate university or something... So we just filtered out posts that named any two of the CEO, that country, and/or that university. Plus references to a couple of different types of law of conspiracies that this person seemed to think were relevant (like landlord / tenant stuff, the Masons, and the Illuminati).

Every so often this person would get released from the psych ward again, and our spam box would fill with the things we were filtering on, and then they'd be taken back into custody...

- Because that was also part of the equation, which is something to consider when posts seem to make no logical sense even when you try to find an internal logic not your own...

Given the nature of this blog for example, there is no reason at all that any post referencing terms like these needs to be here:

Windows 10
International Complaint
Journalist Code
journalistic ethics
Journalism Sucks
Scam Immersive World
Consumer Detriment
Technology Agnostic

- This is a blog after all, not a newspaper. So just filter out references to journalism and conspiracies...


The Pussy is right. Just make it clear that you write opinions in your blog and make no claim to be a journalist, news reporter, objective voice of any kind and then you can ban whomever you want and censor to your hearts desire just like other freedom-of-speech-hating corporations do.

Well? We're waiting?


seems to me that El is entering English into a translator (like google) then taking the output in some other language (or languages possibly) and running it back to English

when do this then sometimes it ends up making sense. Sometimes not. Is mostly grammatical the flaws. Grammar is something which auto-translators are not very good at yet

EI Consulting

Don't mind me, I'm a bot.

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