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Monday, March 09, 2015


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Unless it includes a great many items I want, I avoid set gachas at all cost. It is just a door opener to something shady. Frankly I would rather pay full price and buy the item I want outright, not keep feeding a machine hoping for a jackpot.


$0L ~ I despise gatchas. I agree with melponeme, I would rather pay full price and get the item I want instead of cluttering my inventory. My SL budget is too tight to waste.

Selena Anansi

I don't bother going to the actual events, I stroll through the yard sales (there a MANY) and find what I want and pay pull price (the price of each play or less for common items and sometimes pay the asking price for the rares if it is something I really really want (usually less than I'd have paid if I had tried to get it from the machine).

Terri Zhangsun

I don't do the gachas. I only do the yardsales so I can get what I want. I've mostly been looking Second Spaces, Pixel Mode and Flowey this round.

Verity Goodnight

According to my Arcade spreadsheet, DRD, OMEN and Vespertine got my cash with 10, 8 and 8 hits of the machine allowed respectively.

I figure, I want the excitement of playing the machine and getting a mystery prize but I don't want to go overboard. Limiting myself depending on how many of the items I'd be happy to get and if I'd be up for keeping duplicates has really worked.

Plus I get that tiny buzz from colouring the cells for the machines I've visited.

I can see where people who would rather pay for a thing and know exactly what they are getting come from but I view gachas as like a Kinder egg. I like the random prize element.

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