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Monday, March 16, 2015


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Jessica Pixel

Thanks again for looking into this. It figures Twitch would rather bury their head in the sand instead of judge streams based on what's actually going on.

Arwyn Quandry

So streaming explicit, realistic violence in video games like GTA is totally cool, but streaming something that might have a tiny chance of a nip slip is an instaban? What the hell, Twitch.

Ciaran Laval

Thanks for sharing the reply, it's disappointing but not remotely surprising.

Matt Morris

"We also do not permit Adults-Only rated games and games where nudity is the core focus, feature, or goal." Can LL sue Twitch for that? Is there a libel equivalent for corporations? If there is they honestly should. I've disliked Twitch for a number of reasons already but after reading that I think I'm boycotting it entirely. Ignorant is one thing, being maliciously stupid is another. Thanks for posting their extremely slow reply!


Wow! All the work we've done to change the view of Second Life as nothing but sex has been in vain. LL really needs to see this, I agree Matt!

Green Ham & Eggs

@ Matt Morris

Your right on the money.

The logic they have if i own a phone company. its really a porn studio. because a few folks trade naughty email pics of each other thru the phone network.

Linden Lab really needs to step up to this one. other wise setting a bad precedent that could cause service blocks in many more services.

I think they have a former DISGRUNTLED linden running Twich's TOS.

CronoCloud Creeggan

I don't know why you keep pimping hitbox and not mentioning ustream.

draxtor™ (@draxtor)

I will be on http://hitbox.tv/draxtor - time permitting - focusing on beautiful creativity!


"sexually explicity"

Is this English?
Is that in the real email? Do they mean sexually explicit or sexual explicitness?

I'm not surprised they misunderstand SL, their customer service reps are unable to write in proper English.


@ChronoCloud Because Ustream's popularity among game streamers/viewers/developers is rather limited at this point. People certainly do still use it for that, but unless you're 100% bringing your audience with you, you have a better chance of finding/growing one on a more specialized service like Twitch or Hitbox.

Machinima Maker

I wouldn't worry about this too much this is just twitch not understanding what is happening just educate them instead that always works and there's always alternatives for now Just Google streaming services you will find plenty of them


If the Lindens cared about public perception they would get rid of those "infohubs" or "landing areas" or whatever they are. Newbies land there, look around at the ranting racists and violent pervs and listen to the constant stream of hostility and they assume this is what all of second life is about.

Lidens must be using these areas as testing grounds for greifer weapons. Or maybe this is where they try to collect all the weirdos for the NSA to listen to.

Whatever. Thousands of new people sign up every day and run into this crap. And Lindens wonder why they have a retention problem.

This is in the wiki
They actually call Boardroom and Korea3 "moderate". Thats a laugh. Mauve is General?
And just because someone checked a box saying they were ok with adult content, that does not make what happens at Arapaima and Nelsonia ok.

It's your public image, Lindens. Don't be surprised when this is the view that people have of your product. You call these places infohubs but there is no info there, especially for newbies. The only thing there is the absolute worst of SL.

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