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Friday, April 10, 2015


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Diva Canto

Today, Nebadon and I have set up OnLook (a derivative of Singularity) on the Amazon AppStream. It was surprisingly easy to set up and it works amazingly well. I'm still in shock.

This changes everything.

Diva Canto

Here's a video Nebadon made:



I really don't see the need for a streaming service. RealXtend's Tundra platform has a web-browser based, as well as a dedicated, viewer, for quite some time now and I would think that their technology would be adaptable for either Open-Sim or SL.

Hands over Fist

This time i want the service integrated into a premium plan for residents with more options.
Sorry no outside business this time for the security of my accounts.

Ebbe seems overly confident for this new 13+ grid for blocksworld residents & the younger generation, having hard time seeing these young kids and older adults working out very well so lets say the new grid will be adult free as we all know that's whats going to happen.
while in second life neglecting pleas for mainland to be re textured while trying to work better ways to capitalistic on the existing platform
If no SLGO version2 appears then we know the true fate of Second Life by the end of the decade.

Second Life go was a bold idea from the last Linden Ceo. so besides the lab building a proprietary clone of high fidelity will we see some real business vision related to second life not just the common sense stuff ebbe has fixed.

Open Sim should push this idea far plus- i will recommend they finally break viewer compatibilities and get Voxels & all that other good stuff..its time to break away like a butterfly from the cocoon.

Hands over Fist


I agree a newer viewer but good lord let it be by a current 3rd party viewer so it gets done.

RealXtend's developer promised almost a year ago in comments on the HBJ that in a few weeks they would offer a viewer like that! A YEAR HAS PASSED.
Where is the promised pixie viewer? DEAD TOO!

For Open Sim to grow despite newer worlds like High Fidelity popping up they need to start offering the features the users have been wanting or crowd source the funding to make it happen.

If the open sim community wants it bad enough they will open the check book otherwise soon game over. it never got beyond hobbyist stage.

Do not believe me? even the sim on a stick developer because the promised changes never happened and the drama from a leaderless community.

Voxels..Editable voxel terrain ..voxel water.. upgrading the backend . bug fixs.

Inara Pey

Nebadon pinged me on the work with OnLook on Friday 10th. Covered it here as well, together with commentary from Neb on how he got things going:


BTW, Hamlet - think you could refer to me by name in future as you do with everyone else? After all you did once claim my blog was one of your "must reads" ;-) .

Ham & Cheese

@ Inara Pey

Intellectual, killer, special, majestical,
Ropin up the devils have em hangin from my testicles.

zz bottom

As long as the open sim community leads on this one can expect it to work and be a good option to Sl Go.


Note to Inara: Underline the word 'was'.

What's the matter? Fewer idiots buying your pom-pom blather?

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