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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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Will I Am

GTFO RFL! plus as always the faire is just a jerk off shopping mall in disguise for the same old elitist creators year after year.

Feed-up with the RFL/American Cancer events. just look at why the government has debated on pulling this for profit companys 'non-profit status'

We do not get enough new traffic inworld. when this same charity crap starts every other month it starves us older sim's of traffic very unfairly!

This is not 2011 this charity and other so called non-profits are killing honest non-taffic gaming sims...must be nice to have firestorm advertise your events free on the log in screens too.

Anyways for those rest of us who have offered free public sims as charity to the second life communities for years this is stealing our noob's while unfairly wreaking others honest traffic numbers.

Cube Republic

As far as creators go, you're wrong 'Will'. There's a plethora of new creators this year.


Butthurt much, Will?

Communities gathering together to do good and create fun times for avatars is what SL is all about. Fantasy Faire is the paragon of this.

There are over 100 vendors there so the idea that it is not inclusive is pretty ridiculous. And yes they are using SL's favorite passtime - shopping - to also raise awareness and money to go toward fighting cancer.

No one is stealing your customers. They are choosing to spend their time in a great atmosphere that demonstrates the best parts of what a virtual world can be in 2015. If this feels unfair, maybe it's your own attitude you should be questioning.

Ciaran Laval

Fantasy Faire is my favourite event of the Second Life calendar by a country mile.

I also agree with Colemarie that Fantasy Faire manages to pull together so many people with diverse interests in Second Life.


100 venders in a mall that pretends to be a showcase of second life art & credibility while helping the American cancer society who by law has admitted only 2% of donations even reach cancer patients or research the rest goes in the pocket.

American cancer society is the PETA of the health sector. Cancer a billion dollar business.

@ Cube, new or alternate accounts depends on who is logging the ISP. like garden of dreams owner is also felix landscaping or luna bliss is also the alt of 3D trees and lets not forget all the lindens and relatives who play the game to win.

"They are choosing to spend their time in a great atmosphere that demonstrates the best parts of what a virtual world can be in 2015. If this feels unfair, maybe it's your own attitude you should be questioning."

The real private art sims go empty as always while bringing people in to shop is the highlight of second life LOL

Stopped in there it looked like a joke from open sim with each region giving a theme as a shopping mall..exciting place this mall is incredible looking..Fantastic!!

Create those regions without the malls or relay for life and no one will show up admit that Lol

No worries the million dollar Ceo of the ACS thanks you as he is flown around the world on his 350 million dollar Boeing private jet to another globel summit on fighting cancer in some distant dreamy tropical island with 100% tax write off.

Myself i will donate local as the homeless shelter i can see the food get used or donate to help disabled vets local..old fashion ideas of accountability & lack of corporate greed.

What next fundraisers for PETA? Lol


@: Ciaran Admit what it is a shopping mall pretending to be an art exhibit.

Show me something innovative not a rehash from the last 12 years.

Used to be really great sims like the lost gardens of Apollo or Enchanted Unicorn but now its money. too bad the noobie will not know what they are really missing the sims that had heart & personality.
New residents will never get to know what the real second life was before its cheese over.

Cube Republic

Luna Bliss is Nadine? Hahahaha lol, totally crazy speculation there, you must be tripping. And G.O.D. is Felix landscaping?

That would be quite an elaborate ruse to sell landscaping products. And considering there skill sets and styles are so vastly different I'm calling your bluff. I can't imagine the person behind G.O.D, who I think is German suddenly switching styles and using tahoma type face, while pretending to be French. Or Nadine, who in my opinion makes some of the best foliage art work on the grid suddenly deciding to use photo sourced textures.

Cube Republic

* comic sans lol not Tahoma


Hey Cube! LoL
As an experienced developer of cracked viewers(copybot)let me explain whatever you create with mesh leaves a fingerprint: that fingerprint can be found if i steal mesh out of SL from two different uploaders then compare them:
this was created by your 3d modeling program with it being deep in the code so you must know what your looking for but anyone with a hex editor/viewer and enough times can figure it out:same way inworld that all textures i can see who uploaded them:almost all ripped assets can be traced back to a certain uploader and the pc behind it: if alts is what your looking for.

As for alts who creates them looking or acting like the main?: including profile?

*Some days you herp a derp, sometimes the derp herps you*lol

Ciaran Laval

@ Connie Fantasy Faire has art displays, a literary festival, a hunt, roleplaying areas, DJ's, Live music and yes, lots of shops.

The complaints about Second Life as a whole having too many malls is an old one. However there are reasons for this, the tier model being the main glaring one.

Someone mentioned to me some months ago that events are a way for creators and communities to get noticed, this does appear to be the case but let's not dismiss events, they help people find content, communities and give people ideas on what can be done in Second Life.

Cube Republic

So that's not really PL!!?

Wagner James Au

Just a passing Internet troll.

Wagner James Au

"only 2% of donations even reach cancer patients or research the rest goes in the pocket. American cancer society"

Connie, do you have a reputable source for this assertion?

Kitty Revolver

here is the Charity Navigator site: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=6495#.VULrKK1Viko

Looks like they aren't the best charity, but they are very large, so if you want to make a bigger impact you might want to take your money somewhere else.

That being said, I find RFL annoying in general. Some creators are fairly stingy of what they put up for sale (like a basic mask for 25% cut to the charity donation) and the colors are always pink and purple. The items that I tend to buy tend to be the one that the designer is hawking for themselves, which is annoying, so I just donate to a kiosk.

The sims look amazing, too bad I would be lagged to hell and back.

Wagner James Au

Thanks for the chart, Kitty. If I'm reading it right, ACS gives 60% to its program, not 2% as claimed above. I believe that's fairly typical for non-profits - salaries and further fundraising costs a lot of money!

Cube Republic

It's been my first year, everyone was friendly and nice, and the staff very supportive. I released three new products, with all money going to RFL. One item, a tree took me around 100 hrs labor. It's a yew tree which by coincidence in RL, was the original source of a chemical precursor for making cancer drugs.

Test Pilot


The new grid is going to be all about consumers & the 1 to 5% who can use external 3D modeling tools.
Secondlife has had to evolve this way too. thats why no updated build tools or voxels.

Hah in the new grid you will get very weak voxel tool set that can do very basic shapes while amazing land terrain tools)reason being the new grid is based on making profit thru sales tax.so why would they allow you to create things that can compete against the tax base. you will envy Landmark Quest players!

As for first & last names everyone is in for a rude awaking) all old last names will be combined!! that migrate over!
Steller.Sunshine would become
so no escape for anyone in the the new universe.
(no last name resident or linden names in new world)

as for the new world your all just consumers unless your a paid upgraded creator account or have artist exception/student exeption on your account. anything beyond that is just playing with old prims pretending to be voxels.

I will highlight my comments this time in 2017 just to prove some had fair warning.

Best Regards.
Test Pilot


Test Pilot

@ CubeRepublic.Citizen & CiaranLaval.Citizen

Elsbeth Writer

Doesn't anyone want to talk about the actual subject of the article - the machinima?

Thank you ColeMarie for a stunning video.

Boa Malce

@ Wagner James Au

Just 16% or less then 20 cents on a dollar

Thus for every $1 spent on direct service, approximately $6.40 is spent on compensation and overhead. In all ten states, salaries and fringe benefits are by far the largest single budget items, a surprising fact in light of the characterization of the appeals, which stress an urgent and critical need for donations to provide cancer services.

Nationally, only 16 percent or less of all money raised is spent on direct services to cancer victims, like driving cancer patients from the hospital after chemotherapy and providing pain medication.


Boa Malce

I miss Pussycat Catnip's as a commentator here)..wonder what happened to her?

Boa Malce

@Elsbeth =)~

Boa Malce

@ Wagner James Au
Might i add 20% & 40% is a huge difference when billions of dollars are involved.

If this is the last mainstream way to showcase second life to the masses)..then you can count me in.

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