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Tuesday, April 07, 2015


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Pituca FairChag

I remember Numbkalla. At least I think that is how you spell it. Garth, his son Pheonix Fairlight played Dark Life back in the beginning, I did a couple of times but not being a gamer I lost interest. Better said it was just too complicated for me!

Pituca FairChang

geeze I got my own name wrong too! This one is correct (Ithink)


I really used to like the I Am Legend sims.. even though they were only up shortly to promote the film.. still, spent a fair amount of time playing that one.


Sims like this might be missed, because most don't use the MMO in their description and are usually refered to as RP sims (actually I never thought of applying the description MMO to a RP sim ... it sounds kind of strange to me to be honest since the words 'massive' and 'SL sim' simply does not go well together ;) ). And those have been around since the very beginning of SL with Nexus Prime being the first I remember. Even when I have only seen it after it has fallen out of use and stood there empty ... before it was finally destroyed (now Doomed Ship is on its former location).

Sadly actual sci-fi and cyberpunk themes have been mostly missing and the sims catering to this have been few and far between.
Supernatural, post-apoc, urban and fantasy on the other hand? I think there are a few hundred of them around at any given time (they do tend to open and close faster then anyone could count often ;P )

Elsbeth Writer

Tiny Empires
Linden Realms

And actually there is a category in the Destinstion Guide for Games. 78 entries currently!

Wagner James Au

Yeah, for Games, but it's strange they don't break it down by FPS, MMO, Strategy like Tiny Empires, casual, etc.

Issa Heckroth

"it sounds kind of strange to me to be honest since the words 'massive' and 'SL sim' simply does not go well together"

THIS. this, this, this.

"Massively Muliplayer" doesnt refer to the size of the world but the amount of players. Still I think you have a point.

The term MMO is ubiquitous with vast open world spaces. Though these RP sims may have a strong MMO influence in terms of mechanics, I think its a little misleading to call them MMO outright.

Also as an avid roleplayer myself, I agree that recently, games and venues like this one have been in decline. Its good to see them get some coverage as it might inspire others.

Pussycat Catnap

Even in the days of MUDs and MUSHes...

The MUD community, the 80s / pre-web version of an MMO... and the MUSH community, the 80s / pre-web version of Second Life / Minecraft / Everquest Landmark...
Never saw eye to eye and would act in amazement anytime somebody put dropped chocolate in the peanut butter or otherwise 'bridged the divide'.

As much as Second Life people get mad at anyone who calls it a game or considers it similar to a game...

The 'Gamer World / Press' kind of looks at Second Life as a place for weird freaks and people who 'need a life'.

That the two actually have so much in common...
Only surprises the very people who should be the least surprised... the people using the platforms.

To the rest of the world... the difference between 'freaks playing games' or 'games for freaks' is not visible. :)

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