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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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zz bottom

So true.


Seems that it may be only a matter of time before Fiat informs LL to pull the image of that user-made Jeep Wrangler from its front page. That's the content (ab)usage that should have designers shaking in their virtual boots.


No matter how "magical" it is, using ripped content gives bad name to the platform. And yeah, Hamlet, what kind of "persuasive evidence" you're looking for? I just ask it, because those rips are pretty obvious for everyone involved with SL vehicles market.

Feel free to delete my comment and keep on supporting piracy. But remember, in case of SL you don't steal from "evil faceless corporations making billions of USDs every year", you steal from same men and women as you are.


I really don't understand the SL car community - such a joke. Vehicle physics suck, and it's just too laggy to race properly anyway. If you really love cars, there are much better games like Forza and Project Cars for those interested in joining a racing community with more realistic vehicles.


Your equation is off a bit there. 😉

money + marketplace = drama

I know, I know, you can't resist flogging your poor old horse of "pseudonyms = extra drama".

But seriously, every small business community I've ever seen is full of the same infighting, claims of inauthenticity, etc. That this is a virtual marketplace or that pseudonyms are involved is really a side show.

zz bottom

Smile, you are so badly wrong, cars are just some we can do while on Sl as so many other things.
And if you want to see how close to reality Sl car racing can be, just go to R.I.R. and watch a race and then point me to any other simulator as realistic that also allows to do all we want besides car racing?

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