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Friday, April 03, 2015


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EI Consulting

Don't mind me, I'm a bot.

Drama Sells

Look at SLU and the drama related on that site.

the drama that forces residents to quite second life in masses while costing linden lab thousands a year in lost revenue.

It has a positive side to it....>

(Drama Sells & very well just ask TMZ)

Arcadia Codesmith

Oh come on. That's a light tease. If we're making mountains out of molehills, we never get around to dealing with actual mountains.

I don't think micro-aggression theory applies to incredibly ugly tattoo layers.


I can't believe how trigged I am by the micro aggressions. God 'hives', how mean. Huddles in the corner rocking in the fetal position crying at the state of the world.

Somehow the smily face at the end is not really indicative of playful banter either, as though she was lightly taking the piss from one person with fair self esteem to another. No I imagine it is really some kind of sadistic grin akin to that found in a horror movie.

Orca Flotta

One avi's drama is the other avi's intense discussion. The term drama is terribly stretched out and overused in SL, it's not funny anymore. But it's often an indicator for the IQ of people. Have you noticed it's often the impatient, unintelligent, quick to judge avies who hurl around the term drama more than anyone else?

cube republic

Considering the pattern of the tattoo is hexagonal (like a bee hive), perhaps the post was a pun?

Shockwave Yareach

And having a punks real name and address would make the snarky remark less snarky? Or do you feel you need the ability to threaten someone in reality for what they said in a blog or video game?

Unlike reality, we have a block function in SL. I personally have no use for grief era or folks with virtual stones, and I speak to people the way I like to be spoken to. But just because I share a virtual world with you folks doesn't mean I want you to come share long showers with me.

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