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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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Dan Coyote

Griefing in SL is cyber bullying. There are two kinds of people in SL. Those who have been griefed relentlessly by some Bozo and some that have yet to feel the sting of this abuse. The ones who have not been victimized sometimes wonder publicly what the big deal is and compare griefing activity to art or to comedy or something that puts it in the acceptable category, when it is bullying and victimizing of another human being in the end. It's just not funny and sociopathic behavior that should not be encouraged or accepted by a civil community.

Worse yet is that there is no recourse in virtual worlds, no police, no lawyers no restraining orders no due process to see to it that people are civil and do not prey on others. This makes it all the more difficult to deal with, since there are MANY devious means to harass, belittle and generally psychologically torture someone in SL and other virtual worlds. How many teens need to suicide to show that this kind of activity is simple cruelty? Sure it is funny to some people, the same ones who laugh when someone falls down, the same heartless assholes we all hated in High School. The mean girls and boys grow up to be even worse when protected by pseudonymity.

Griefing in SL and other worlds is not like Borat or Andy Kaufman, who do their work for the broader audience, who do their work to expose societal ills and stand in public to take the heat for their work. Griefers in SL and other worlds hide in the shadows behind pseudonyms, cowardly and are more like mental rapists than comedians.

So if you condone or perform this activity, you are an asshole, I feel badly for your victims and hope you some day feel the same anguish you cause others.


Amanda Dallin

Unless you're a Troll, how is banning trolling videos controversial? Interrupting others enjoyment of SL is not comedy. The Three Stooges were funny in a scripted environment but if someone walks up to a stranger and tweaks their nose pokes their eye or slaps them, then it's an assault and battery.

What Argyle Alligator does might be fine in a public area such as a info hub but going to private sims and interrupting people would not be ok, especially if he kept on after being asked to leave.

Jeytr Stine

Sucks for all 10 people that actually read /r/secondlife.


Esteban is not that funny. Unfortunately. He gets an A for effort, but no.


Britbongreturns is better than Esteban anyway.

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