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Friday, April 24, 2015


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Ciaran Laval

Someone charging for Mods is going to need to sell 400 bucks worth to be able to get their 25% cut to the bank because you need 100 bucks before you can withdraw. That is not a healthy position at all.

If Valve really want to encourage paid modding, they will lower that bar.

Issa Heckroth

Surely there will be big fallout over this. Fine when you have created every scrap of a mod, but many modders (just like in SL) dont create models directly, but use others and arrange them into a mod. So people will likely be charging for mods where most of the content was picked up for free. I cant see that sitting well with the people who create original meshes.

Kitty Revolver

Iris, what do you think of the ad-fly stuff for the sims 4? I haven't seen many established modders that normally have paywalls with their sims 1, 2, and 3 stuff use paywalls for 4. This is especially true of TSR, where that was a paysite for any of the high end modders, it has been at least six months into the game (and one expansion) and they haven't clapped up. Granted they have premium membership. Also don't forget there was a bootleg site for The sims 3 to get all the paid third-party content for free.

Personally I like the ad-fly model, sure I have to wait for like 5 seconds, but I am assuming modders are being paid by the ads. (obviously pennies but still they add up for the bigger modders).

Issa Heckroth

@Kitty Revolver - I am just guessing, but its fairly likely that money is going to bandwith costs and modders dont see any of the cash. Thats how nexusmods.com works so I would guess its the standard model. Someone has to pay for hosting all those mods.

CronoCloud Creeggan

And "this" is one of the reasons I'm not overly fond of self-identified "hardcore PC gamers"

1. You think SL users are drama filled whiners? PC gamers are WORSE!

2. PC gamers are cheap. The fuss is really about a bunch of dudes whose expectations are to buy or pirate a game and then they expect to mod it and play lots of content without spending any more money. As I've said at times, PC gamers love spending money on hardware but for some reason hate spending money on software. And THAT is why publishers sometimes consider the PC platform to be an afterthought.

Me I'm mostly a console gamer. I expect to have to pay for content. So when I came into SL, having to pay for nice things made sense for me and I was willing to put my payment info in and hit the buy L$ button.....many many many many times.

The fact that there is "some" free content is a "bonus" it shouldn't be expected of "all" content, either in games or SL.


@Issa Lots of modders who put their stuff up via mediafire or whatever on their own blogs use adfly to monetize, separate from ads on places like the Nexus or TSR.

@Kitty I'm in favour of it, but it's an absolute pittance. That's why a lot of modders moved to Patreon, where they can get a few dollars out of one ardent fan instead of a few pennies out of a dozen regular fans. It's not perfect but I think that's been a good step. I always kind of wanted to see mods available somewhere like itch.io too, where 'pay-what-you-want' is an option.

Metacam Oh

I think this is a great idea, I wish Minecraft would do this


In my experience, gamers always meet new business models with aggression until someone demonstrates how it can be done right.

DLC for example, I believe it hit a new stride that continues to this day with Oblivion's Horse Armor; lotta people hated it and Bethesda made up for it with every DLC thereafter for Oblivion. Now DLC is common place, games like Mass Effect made it awesome, and I don't think gamers complain about it as universally anymore.

Episodic gaming I remember seeing backlash at first during it's recent resurgence the last decade. Penny Arcade received skepticism for their game that was made episodic, and Valve made episodic gaming look a lil bad with the long waits between Half Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two. Then Telltale comes along with The Walking Dead (I know, I know, Sam & Max but people really started paying attention with The Walking Dead) and probably everyone that's played it and other Telltale games since are cool with episodic gaming, and developers like Capcom with their recent Resident Evil PC games are following the Telltale formula.

There's other examples: microtransactions in free-to-play and buy-to-play games is another big one. The point is though, even if a new business model and means to new content has problems at first, quite often things work out in the long run and in short order becomes wanted and expected among gamers.

Game developers directly implementing hooks into their game for custom content creation and distributing over profit sharing marketplaces is going to be a thing, Steam Workshop or not. I believe Workshop will grow to be the most prominent example, but like Metacam mentioned it'd be smart if Mojang did this with Minecraft as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if EA does similar with the Sims 4.

I believe in 3-4 years this won't be contentious, just a reality.

Ciaran Laval

I'm amazed at how many Second Life folk are giving this idea a thumbs up. How many Second Life content creators would be happy with LL taking 75% of their sales and only allowing them to cash out once they had $100 in their balance, which would be $400 of sales?

I mean seriously, the Second Life model is head and shoulders above this insulting nonsense.



Gabe has said in an AMA that its the publisher that sets the revenue split per game: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/33uplp/mods_and_steam/cqojzpq?context=3

Right now, Bethesda has zero competition, but future publishers and games will obviously compete on revenue split to attract content creators' time. I imagine 25% is the worst rate of a popular game we'll ever see, and even for Skyrim as it continues to age and competition arises, Bethesda will be forced to change the rate.

Issa Heckroth

The most insulting thing is this is Bethesda. Who have always supported free modding. Going straight for 75% smacks of sheer greed. A am not against charging a little for mods, but I hope this falls flat on its ass.

Ciaran Laval

This looks like it's dead in the water for now.


Issa Heckroth

yaaaaay!!! :)

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