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Thursday, April 16, 2015


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Todd Squall

I've had the pleasure of working with most of the people on the Tokagoya sim, I have to say it's an absolute pleasure there!Very strong community and plenty of parts and such to make your cars unique.

Racing Teams, Drift, Drag, Rally, it's nearly got everything!


Turbosquid, 3d warehouse, google sketchup. Those guys are selling unoriginal content, even have same models in their listings. D2 community is known for using and passing around unoriginal and ripped content from models distribution web sites and videogames such as gta, forza, slrr, and so on. I do respect however, Eight Blinker's scripting talent, that guy is okay.



D2 isn't the only community on SL doing so, the marketplace is flooded with ripped content. If you're going to poke at somebody poke at the whole SL community as a whole.


@Ugh We've been stealing models for years, if you want to blame D2, you have to blame us too!

Todd Squall

@Ugh Lets get on Billionare and Blitz Rage about this too, since that bloke is selling Forza ripps for nearly L$8k in profit per car.


Maybe this is not so bad for us. At least for me good looking ripped model is better than ugly car that some modelling newbie made by himself. I wish someone would rip a car from Project Cars to SL.


Upon this blog posting, i decided to actually visit the sim Tokagoya D2 Highlands. I expected to see the usual sorry state of an isolated racing/Vehicle sim, oh how I was so wrong.
I guided my avatar to where people were bunching up in small groups. The common acts of loud gestures and annoyances were present, but in the corners of this sim I saw something magical.. something I have not seen for awhile. People were building and customizing their own vehicles and even helping one another.

I asked what people felt about the sim and I got the common words of, “growing”, “learning” and “fun”.
Now as for 'unoriginal content', while I was looking through out the sim, I did see stores filled with similar vehicle content, I could really pick-out what was original content and what was “taken from the internet”. It is a ethical debate for some and for my point of view it is a little tasteless, but this is not new knowledge, most residents know that unoriginal or ripped content is everywhere on the grid, from clothing, weapons, to even bikes and cars I have collected.

I asked few by standers about what they felt about unoriginal content, I got mixed comments of, “not caring” and “they know it from the internet”, but choose how to spend their own money”.

That said, I for one wish this community grows and expands throughout the SL years.


Very comprehensive article........ I was looking forward to a nice read but it is basically the opinion of one person active in a niche corner of the Second Life car scene.



"I could really pick-out what was original content and what was “taken from the internet”.

Nice cute way of putting it, but lets make things much more clearer.

There are only 4 legit/original creators on that sim.

1. C>P>Dynamics: Has been around for many years in the D2 community, quality stuff that i will continue to use for my builds and customers.

2.Fool Kuma: Also has been around D2, Seriously the most Epic/Beautiful/:D stuff i have seen.

3.Atlas: Prim cars that look better than most mesh cars.

4.Eight blinker scripts: Man Of Legend. level: GOD

I for one, bow and tip my hat at you lot.

Rest of you?
Few words, gta, forza, 3D warehouse. ask alphafox and kongenta, they seem to be the experts at importing these from the "internet".
but, please continue to supply cheap models of cars, i will still buy them.

k thx bye

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