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Thursday, April 30, 2015


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Steven Losco

This is why I prompted the tweet on GoPro's attempt at 360 degree imaging. Is VR just about being able to inhabit a 360 degree image or is it something more immersive


One of my game-savvy students just completed a research paper about the technical hurdles facing VR gaming: where the UI goes in one's field of vision, the issues of moving the avatar through a huge world, the problem of simulator sickness, and the issue of immersion when game narratives demand cinematic interludes.

The first one is a technical issue and the second and perhaps third can be solved by rigs that trick the body, but if VR is all about immersion, how can we achieve it and a good gaming experience without, to cop Stevenson's famous phrase, "Breaking the metaphor"?

I feel another Hype Cycle coming on. Back to reading a book. In print!

Roblem VR

What happened in the 90s is people predicted that the price would come down from the 5-6 figure prices to something people could afford in a manner of a few years. Price is the only thing that killed VR in the 90s. (I was born in 1967 do the math, I was there and that is why I gave up on it too.) Today I can ask someone to take the cell phone out of their pocket hand them a piece of cardboard a couple of lenses and magnets that cost less than $5 and they can experience better VR than $100K could buy you in the 90s. Price is the killer app for VR. Roll your eyes and make the "been their done that" face all you like. You are both WRONG this time around.

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