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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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Let's see what happens:)


My blog is really just for preserving my memories, but I always want to learn new stuff.

Connie Arida

Too lazy to blog, so here's my flickr ( 2K +/- views per day and over 2.7 mill total since beginning)
The descriptions help me find my clothes in my Inventory too.

Caitlin Tobias

Ive changed my blog's theme recently - after Becky's first post on SEO, in order to see if this will make it easier to find by the google spiders. I was planning on changing anyway and her posts have helped me finding something is more up to date, with SEO in mind. It's just a bit difficult to tell real results (comparing before and after statistics do not exist)

Monica Querien

This post came just in time. I was wondering why when I did a search for "Monica Querrien", my blog was not the first hit in Google. I figured that I had to tag myself in every post that I made. Today I see that the blog went from being on page 2 to almost the top of the list.

Another thing is that I used to put the picture / logo of what I was blogging as the first thing. Now I write a paragraph or so, and then put the picture. And I use alt text ^^


Deoridhe Quandry

I made a few minor changes to my blog after her post, but I'd been doing a lot of what she did already. The Feed changes were disastrous - my traffic tanked immediately and I changed back to what I had been doing before. Probably my biggest issue is I don't want to select a niche; my blog is really a reflection of all of the things which interest me in Second Life, and so it ends up being general interest instead of specific - like, even though almost every blog post shows images of and links to a new place in world, I don't get the reputation of being a locations blog because I also photograph my avatar.

Canary Beck

@ Deoridhe: Did you only change feed settings to partial instead of full, or did you remove yourself from the feeds? I'd be really curious to know. I think I some of my comments about feeds have been misinterpreted to suggest that one should remove oneself from all feeds. I'm sorry if I led you astray there as it was not my intention. What I meant to say, and later clarified in comments on the original post, was that one has to be careful that feeds do not simply replicate your content on their blogs. This might create some duplicate content issues, if your content on their feeds is indexed on their blogs before it is indexed on yours. That is quite possible, because feed blogs have so much content and might have greater page rank when compared to smaller blogs. Using partial post options in WP should address that issue satisfactorily (I don't know how it's done in Blogger).

Ever Afterr

Now that my blog is just past a month old, I feel like I may be worthy for consideration! :)

Becky's post was really informative, and thanks to her guidance I registered a custom URL through Wordpress and also started adding tags to posts where appropriate. Just yesterday I also updated to a new template that I think may be more SEO-friendly.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look!



While search engine optimization can provide you the most optimal outcome, manipulative or unethical SEO practices have also been storming the globe. These unethical practices actually violate the search engines guidelines and may result in giving a negative impact to your website's search visibility. Unethical SEO services will yield temporary search rankings but eventually may harm the website's overall positioning and the site may even get removed from search index and suffer a ban from SERPs. Thus, it is always wise to consider certain things before you endow the responsibility on a SEO firm.

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