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Wednesday, May 06, 2015


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Adeon Writer

If you can make a photosourced item in four times less than an original item, that's reason to charge 4x more for your original item. :P

Cube Republic

I'm not wishing to discredit anyone's work, but the truth is few care how an item was made, where the textures come from, how long it took etc. It's quite common for 3D artists to use photo sourced textures in asset creation. At the end of the day I've sat for 100 hrs and made a mesh in zbrush, however this has no baring on how I price the item.

Often people only care about the perceived value of the product they're looking at.

Arwyn Quandry

Cube hit it right on the head: "Often people only care about the perceived value of the product they're looking at."

A customer in SL will pay as much as they think something is worth, no matter how much time was put into making it. You can take an item that the creator spent several days of work making and a virtually identical item that took less than an hour, and the average person will tell you that they're worth the same amount. If they think one is higher quality (like if it has a lower LI), they'll pay more.

An example from my own SL: I generally cap how much I spend per hair at $L250. That's the average market price for a single color pack of a single hair style. I put my cap for multi-color non-fatpack packs slightly higher. However, when I saw new Elikatira hairs out, I was willing to pay $L285 instead of 250 for a single color pack because it's a brand I trust to be high quality. If I wasn't familiar with them, I might hesitate, even on that small of an increase.

Gillian Waldman

Hi Iris - this topic is very interesting to me. As a blogger, I do only try to recommend original work. But seeing as I am not a creator, I'm more inexperienced than those who are. This goes for template use too.

I'd be interesting in chatting with you about both - so I can get more educated!

I just returned to SL after many years away and given how much has changed since I left, I am always looking for feedback and people to learn from.

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