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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


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Cube Republic

Virtual sex isn't sex, so there can be no correlation. Here's a keyboard, here's a hot female/male RL person naked. I feel when presented with these choices, only the most strange people would choose logging in over some RL jiggy.


Cube, you are double wrong, because of the following contradicting RL facts:
- Virtual sex is sex. It is, because both virtual and RL sex happens very mostly in our brain cells. In SL, our fantasy, imagination, memories and visuals (like the sight of a pixel partner), and the typed or voice communication with a virtual partner can make us aroused physically. Just like watching porn video. It happens so it's sex.
- In RL I dare to assume that most of us are not "presented with a choice of a hot partner". Sorry. Wakey wakey, it's RL everydays, not a movie where every protagonists find a hot partner for life. And this is why 36% finds SL sex more fun than RL sex: because they either don't have a sex partner in RL, or if they have, he/she is not exciting enough. Very likely that's why they seek excitement of these pleasures in SL. It's not a shame, or a good or bad thing, it's very likely a mere fact. The good thing is, that RL sex (or more precisely, the lack of it) has an alternative in virtual reality, and people find it.


oh boy, Really! cartoon sex with a voyeuristic aspect lol. Yes, of course sex resides in the brain, I agree. Many of us fantasize, and virtual worlds brings it to a whole new level with all it's weird mechanisms and purchases. But I personally am not convinced that this is a healthy expression. People can get so caught up in the anonymous ease of the fantasy, of deceptions, adulteries and anything goes. Hot partners aside (is that the criterion for good sex?) I'd like to see a psychological study done on how beneficial virtual sex (or virtual promiscuity) really is emotionally (and spiritually). Truly people should be exploring their first life options rather than getting caught up in watching an representation of themselves performing on a monitor screen.


One of the other reasons why some people may prefer virtual sex to the real sex is their physical condition since real life sex can be a tough physical excersice to someone. You need to work your muscles to keep the pace, you sweat, etc. While in SL you just sit still, type on your keyboard and work your imagination.
Another reason may be materialistic one. In order to have a relationship with a girl, you need to buy her presents, pay for her in cafe, clubs and so on, which is much cheaper in SL than in RL.

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