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Thursday, May 14, 2015


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I just created my own hypergrid.
I am pretty sure women will be big contributers to the new virtual business. Communication skills are important.
Well i do not have them but many other women rules in that.


Oculus is not VR. In fact it poses an obstacle to VR. It disassociates the VR player from the community inside VR and turns it into travelogue. What I see in the Oculus development is not the building of worlds but turning the user into a spectator. So that someone else, preferable a corporation, can build a world where the user will just spectate. Spectate in a nice orderly, controlled fashion.

It is ironic that the VR creators want a Ready Player One world but instead inject ever more controlling forms of corporatism into the VR arena.

Second Life is it. It has a community. It has worlds. It has women, most importantly, who are interested in creating communities. Women are the glue of culture in real life and in VR. Without us, there will be no worlds. There will only be backdrops, static nothing of repeated psychodramas particular to the male psyche. So get ready to play rounds of Call of Duty ad infinitum.

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