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Monday, June 01, 2015


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Cloud Party was a failure. Which is why it was sold off to the first possible buyer.

I find it baffling that people want it to emulated. What was there to emulate? It was emtpy and ugly looking. It had one of the worst avatars with no customization that a user could tweak on his/her own.

Awful Please do not copy it. Nor Blue Mars. Why copy failures?


Lots to learn from Cloud Party. Lots of potential in that platform.

But in the end, Cloud Party was a resume.

To be acquired-hired was most likely their primary goal from day one, IMHO.

Issa Heckroth

melponeme_k - Throw the baby out with the bathwater, right?

This touches on something I said in a recent thread on SLU. PE/LI as it stands is a horrible borked system, that takes no account of texture data (which is often more significant than geometry).

Plus there is no PE/LI for avatar attachments, meaning a single avatar can wear an entire sims worth of triangles and probably not even be aware they are doing something bad.

If this had been properly thought out from the beginning, we would all be having a better SL now. So far I would say the above system is the best I have heard of so far. Just because the concept comes from cloud party means less than nothing.

zz bottom

To ignore the desire of having visual appealing avatars is a no go.


You also need to a way to manage script resources to avoid a similar tragedy of the commons caused by custom behaviours.

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