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Friday, June 26, 2015


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I'm usually pretty hard on LL, but this gesture kinda melts my heart a little.

It reminds me of the good things that SL is and has been. It's a place of freedom for a lot of people who, for a variety of reasons, don't have that in real life.

I'm hard on LL when it comes to Sansar and the business choices they've made regarding SL. Underneath my bitterness, there's a lot of love there. I've loved LL for creating this world, I've loved this world, and I've loved people in this world. I want the changes in SL to happen just like they happen in RL... from where I stand. I want to keep the joy and the grief of my past and I want the hope of my future.

LL posted this picture in celebration of building a better world. But a better world isn't built in a day and it's built on soil that has reclaimed so much sacrifice from the past.

Adeon Writer

Both Linden Lab and Second Life have always had the intentions of being very progressive, which is very nice. Unfourtinately, you would never know this from it's in-world communities, especially Linden Lab's insanely introllerent Welcome Area voice chat.

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