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Friday, June 05, 2015


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Ciaran Laval

I've seen screenshots from Twitch, one poor girl ended up in a very unfortunate position of being bent over, arse in the air, I'd imagine because she'd dropped her game controller, unfortunately she also seemed to have accidentally positioned her cam to make matters worse, so her arse, which was in tight pants fortunately, was front and centre of the screen.

Obviously these things can happen.

Twitch also allow the streaming of games such as GTA V, where people can run over people, pick up prostitutes, you know, good wholesome family fun.

Yes a virtual schlong could appear in Second Life. A real schlong could appear on Twitch, shouldn't they ban humans instead of Second Life?

Twitch are hypocritical. I think Draxtor's point is more that you have made no attempt whatsoever in that interview to point out that there's far more to Second Life than virtual schlongs.

Amanda Dallin

Kernel of truth? You don't say or give the smallest impression that there is a "kernel of truth" that SL is mostly sex. You often say SL is mostly sex. From this current post I can only assume you unjustly promote the negatives about SL to make anyone who might hire you as a consultant think you are transparent and honest.

Did you even attempt to inform the interviewer that the 2006 Anshe Chung event couldn't happen unless the land settings were screwed up? I doubt it since it's your favorite video from SL. You likely pointed them too it.

Jumpman Lane

I just returned to SL and the FIRST thing I bought was a shiny new THING. Can't pull out my Sara Nerd freebie (though LEGENDARY). That would just be TOO ol' school hehehehe


Violence is ok to show in media 24/7. Sex is not. Its stupid beyond everything.
I just hope the media write more about sex in SL. It will grow the userbase. But maybe newbies will get disappointed. I am in SL everyday and i never see anything sex related.


i dont get it


there is sexxors on the internets ??


o.m.g !!! nuuu !!! I am sooo ashamed of them people what do that


Thank you, cyberserenity. We Americans--I cannot speak for Europeans or Asians--have a sicko culture that does not often object to graphic violence in games that minors play. Yet heaven forbid a nipple or cock making a guest appearance.

David Cartier

If you own an attachable organ, you can't very well deny that it's a large part of the SL culture. Just the variety and selection of those strap-ons tells us that. Most of the SL sex is healthy experimentation, and simulation for those who aren't sexually satisfied for whatever reason in their own realities. What I notice, and what has always kind of disturbed me is not so much the sex, but the just amazing amount of what we used to call deviant, or perverse sexuality going on, and I'm not talking about gay sex. I mean the "Gor" stuff; sexual slavery, simulated sexual torture, the bondage, the "water sports", group sex, the two meter tall photos of duct-taped, naked teenaged boys, that kind of thing. Just because they make films about it does not make it mainstream. I guess a lot of people have an interest in exploring those back rooms. And as for blaming American culture, that's not exactly right, either. Most Europeans and Asians have a disconnect between nudity and sexuality that North Americans mostly just don't have, but they are just as prudish sexually as we are - if not even more so.

Saffia Widdershins

I find it irritating beyond measure that Second Life is still viewed through the prism of ONE event that happened NINE years ago because the host didn't set land permissions correctly.

I mean ... really?

It's like portraying all political discourse through an incident when eggs were thrown at a politician nine years ago.

Canary Beck

@Saffia - is Second Life really viewed through a prism of the Anshe Chung Press Conference event? And if so, by whom? By those involved in "Second Life media"? By Second Life Residents en masse? By the public at large? I'd suspect that if anyone holds this view (and I'd be inclined to think it was a minority), it'd be the first group only. I'm genuinely curious about where this idea came from, and if there is any evidence to suggest that it is true.

Saffia Widdershins

I was thinking Media - and mainstream media. It was mentioned in the Vice article quoted in this post; Hamlet references it too in his article on AM Radio. There have been other examples ... it just depresses me.

There are so many good news stories that could be getting out there - such as the money that Second Life raises annually for Relay for Life. On Designing Worlds this week, we looked at people who've been inspired by the steampunk city of New Babbage to get into writing and tell their stories - and who are now being published and self-publishing with considerable success.

But many times, the real world media trots out this tired old trope about a nine year old incident. That's what I meant about the prism.

Wagner James Au

Saffia, it's because the Anshe Chung griefing was widely covered around the Internet on many prominent outlets -- probably fair to say 10-20 million people are familiar with it. And it happened at the HQ of a major RL company, which makes it even more prominent. It sucks, but that's the reality. SL Relay for Life has actually gotten quite a lot of mainstream media coverage over the years, but not enough to eclipse it, and certainly not enough to change people's perceptions who are aware of the Anshe grief. They'll just wonder if the Relay gets interrupted by flying dildos, too.


Second Life Is Banned Because Cocks Can Twitch at Any Moment....

did I paraphrase correctly?

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