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Monday, June 29, 2015


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Issa Heckroth

"So usage has gone even more South since then. My guess is the drop is due to a combination of less new users trying SL, while regular users experiment with Oculus Rift, High Fidelity, and other new platforms."

Or that LL have been blowing smoke for a while. Hardly surprising.

zz bottom

Same happens with Open sim grids, less active users.


Don't worry. Eggbert has his next high paying job already lined up.

CEOs with a record of failure and mediocrity always get work.

sams son

Opensim users are going up though more slowly in these summer months. SL users are going down. Everyone is waiting on Hi Fidelity but the alpha is so freaking alpha that it hurts. Opensim is the big game in town right now. The lure of all that land for pennies compared to the SL land rip off. Plus the people in opensim are fun pioneers which is a refreshing change from the constant complaining in SL.

sams son

SL users are moving to Opensim. Why is that so hard for you to figure out?


Over January to March WoW was losing 1 million subscribers per month...


SL is allowing people to have as many alternate accounts as they want. I got a person to admit he had over 200 alts. SL has less actual people than reported. It got boring for me and it makes sense if you are talking to the same person day after day.

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