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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Technodrug 2.0

Who cares if your house is burning or your child is crying for your attention?


I do 30 minutes a day. If i do more i start to lose reality a little. But of course life never gets the same after i got my Oculus.


Not long. i just got the heads Terra d'ombrA *Maizon Rayna is closing in 3 days. wow what i nice overlooked beautiful Mediterranean villa that will be lost.

The vanderbilt estate i hear is closing by the end of the month with a loss of 200 private regions after fighting years of outside business corporations like relay for life for donations.

Bay Sweetwater

Meh. What's all this fuss about getting sucked in? After all: "... virtual reality is an important technology, but like videophones, not exactly a thing that fundamentally changes all of our lives."


5 hours? Humph, wait ten years from now, people will be complaining about the "tuned out generation" or "missing millions"

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