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Thursday, July 02, 2015


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Thank you, bellahyae, for sharing.

In an earlier comment, I was defending the display of the flag as a symbol of southern pride or solidarity, or politically as a symbol of anti-federalism. I now realize that this view is naive. It's comforting for some to view the likes of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis as villainous, genocidal traitors, but history, as always, isn't so cut and dry.

Unfortunately, the particulars of the civil war in this case do not matter one iota. Whatever acts of evil or virtue took place under the flag, its meaning was predominantly and unambiguously cemented as a symbol of hate by the likes of the KKK. There's no taking it back. As much as I would like to rob white supremacists of "their" precious flag, it is forever sullied by them.

It has no place outside the annals of history, and there it should remain.


Andrew Young weighs in on the Confederate flag debate


""The problems we face don't have anything to do with the flag. The fact is that 93% of black people killed are killed by other black people. So black lives matter. Let us start believing that we matter."

Instead of worrying about Confederate symbols, the man who walked with King recommends we pay attention to the substance of what's taking place right now in 2015.

"The flag is a symbol that means a lot of things to a lot of people when you get to institutions like Washington and Lee University," claimed Young. "I admire that, I admire that. I admire the restoration of southern traditions in Washington and Lee University. The challenge for us is not to wipe out our past history but to learn to live together in the future."


Andrew Young talks to Fox News and concludes that the real problem facing black people is other black people.
"Let us start believing that we matter."

And I guess nothing says "you matter" to black people, quite like the Confederate Flag... and Fox News.

zz bottom

And does black matter?
Does any color matters?

In Usa one killed a few based on a flag, in the rest of the World, thousands are being killed every day in the name of religion!


A.J.,Maybe you missed this important line in your rush to hate the news supplier "The challenge for us is not to wipe out our past history but to learn to live together in the future."

As for Black lives matter, I believe that phrase was 1st used by black people. BUT above all things He is saying stop poking windmills like symbols and cut to the real issue.

Fix hate and racism by fixing yourselves.


No Colleen, I actually read the entire article.

I just happen to disagree with Andrew Young. I understand that he is black, but I think he is being way too simplistic. I also understand that race issues are more complicated that just eliminating a flag. But the flag needs to go and we need to stop celebrating that Dixie history and look at it for the ugly and cruel truth that it is. There is nothing for any American to be proud of there.

I think "go fix yourselves" is a really convenient attitude for racists to embrace and I'm sure Fox News just just tinkled in their pants with that nugget delivered by a black person.

I think racists need to "go fix themselves" first. I think that Fox News needs to "fix themselves". Then we need to do some heavy lifting in this society so that people are in a position to "fix themselves".

Right now, expecting our broad Black population to "fix themselves" is like expecting people to perform their own open heart surgery.

Andrew Young is black and I'm not. But he's been around for a long time and he's had a lot more power than I have and we still have major problems. So I think I"m allowed to disagree with his pearl of wisdom.


A.J, so, you believe that the Confederate flag was created as a symbol of hate ? or a symbol of states that wanted to be their own county? I am not black but I am southern,and if you knew a thing about my real life you would see me to be not racist.

I am fine with the flag being in museums and not to fly. What I am not fine with is people is making it a symbol of hate. It is part of the American history and I don't think we need to re write history.

Racism is something that each of us , no matter the color of skin , have the power to *fix* , hate can only be fixed if we as individuals stop it ourselves. Hate is taught and learned, children do not come into the world knowing a thing about hate OR race, their adults teach it.


Colleen, it was invented as a symbol of hate. This is not something made up recently. The inventor of the flag was explicit in its purpose: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tappan_Thompson


Dirk, thank you for pointing out the wiki report on the flag.

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