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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


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Scarp Godenot

Hey! I think I'll go play the game 'business phone call' for a bit. Then I can play the game 'online shopping'. After that I'll play the game 'email my friends interesting information'. Then maybe play a few minutes of the game 'Skype' with a couple of family members.

After a game of 'online business meeting', I think I'll go for a game of 'learn new things for my career on the internet'. That game can be very interesting I've found.

At the end of the day, I'll play the game 'Facebook' and maybe even look at the feed from the game 'Twitter' and the other game I love, 'Plurk'. Following that up with the game 'uploading my artwork to Tumblr and 500 pixels'. Great games in and of themselves.

Everything is a game, right? If it's on the internet that is.....


"Won't Work, Won't Go to School"? Sell kid's computer and send kid to military school.

Problem solved.


So in ansa to your earlier article, looks like Ebbe disagrees.. "..so it's not a game..."

Persephone Emerald

So you haven't seen the show, but decided to review it anyway? I didn't read your whole blog post & decided to comment on it anyway.

Looks like another rehash of your old opinions without taking other views or facts into account.


You can't buy advertising like this! I bet new sign-up's are through the roof.

However, what is desperately sad is that not a single new user has been able to pass through the portals in Learning Island since last Friday. Something with the portals is broken and anyone going through one immediately crashes. So the initial experience is a crash followed by a relog!

We first reported this on Friday, as of Sunday it is still happening. LL say they are looking into it.. but talk about missing the chance of a life time!

Canary Beck

@ Yettisburg - we looked at new sign-ups on and after the show aired, and compared with the previous three weeks. There was bump, but not much (just over 1000 more than average (±11,000/day).


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