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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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Ha that's what I told my friend a decade younger than me it was like. Of course the huge difference between the two is the freedom involved in land or how you appear yourself. Minecraft has an unending amount of land, shaped however you want, persistent land. Second Life has an avatar that you can shape however you want, unless you want to start paying out for a bit of land that uses a height map. Second Life does look better regardless, as you can show off meshes or buy nice realistic models, that's why I choose to play it instead.


Thank you so much Bro on using my video for your blog this is really awesome and I have to agree this game/sim should have more video's on YouTube and should be played by "PewDiePie" and other top YouTubers I believe they would all have a blast at Second Life if they knew what all can be done. -Dtpk Signing Off

John Q

Roblox is pretty impressive--kinda like minecraft 2.

Estelle Pienaar

This is a great video and a good idea. But it is hard to put it into practice. In reality this blog post is advertising the video (and not the video Second Life). The linked video has now more views than all other videos of Dtpk. Most of them have 5-15 views. Just making Let's Play videos won't do the trick. You need someone to make it, who has already Millions of followers.

@Dtpk: As I said at the start, the video and also your other videos are great. I had a good time watching some of them. You should have a lot more viewers. So this is no critizism at all about your great work.


@ Estelle Pienaa
Not to be mean or any thing but I actually had more views on some of my old tutorial videos way before I posted a "Second Life" video but yeah because of this post on this blog that video has become "almost" one of my most viewed video's really fast and i'm really great full for this so thank you every one who has seen the video.

It is ok I guess

Yeah the new generation is having fun alright-being racist,sexist twats on second life because everything in second life is changed and so f-ed up now that i don't even blame them. Nothing to encourage creativity. They do everything to block or obstruct what could be a fun experience for new and old users alike. The stupid decisions and policies of linden labs(Like getting rid of teen second life) have ironically encouraged and increased the abandonment and griefing/trolling of SL.

Triangles and Doritos

The video is boring because SL is boring. Most places are dead,only freaks and griefing/trolling asshats are there. people are anti-social, the company does everything to fuck up SL for creative content makers. SL is just going downwards into a deadly spiral. No wonder new users never last more than a month before abandoning the platform and I for one am glad that they do. It is a sinking ship. Secondlife is like when you blend youtube,tumblr,facebook,4chan,reddit,stormfront and a 3D copycat of the sims into one. That's what secondlife is right now. They should just rename it to secondstrife because that's what you are gonna do in the game. It is a wonder they don't give you a suicide button in the game because they want your torment to last forever. They should call it the second death.

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