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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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Triangle Monarchy

This website was calling for no anonymity/pseudonyms on the internet period only a number of months ago.

Wagner James Au

That's not correct. I do agree with Danielle Citron* that anonymity should be stripped away from abusers and that we should *encourage* RL/SL linkage in SL through Facebook other mechanics, but I never said it should be mandatory. However, like I wrote in this post, I definitely didn't consider the stalking implications carefully enough, and was wrong not to do so.

*LINK HERE: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/10/online-harassment-gamergate-stopgamergate.html

Amanda Dallin

Your link in your comment response is bad. You included the parenthesis and comma on the end in the link.

Tess Hannah

You could just as easily do this to someone from any social media site. I realise this one is specifically about an SL avatar but it happens ALL the time outside SL. People are stalked and threatened every day. The only way to keep it from happening to you or affecting your life is to be honest with your family and friends and NOT TO SHARE PERSONAL INFO ONLINE...NONE. And if you're worried about people finding out about your avatar or things you do in SL, then don't do things that people can use against you.


After a long time I decided to have a look again in Second Life and the first things that pops up in my instant message is from a lady that has been harassed by a same guy that harasses many for years including me.
The last encounter I heard was that if he would see me in Real life he would run me over by his car.
This guy also collects records of your RL and blogs about it in even your personal records. Trying to destroy your reputation.
What bothers me most with these kind of harassments that even it goes beyond TOS and you point this out nothing is done. Even as a group we complained about this harassment. And who knows more had the same encounter and reported it.
Now honest I am not that bothered by the guy because I did the same and checked him out on the Internet but also heard personal other stories of him. Saw even a "victim" panic in front of me when hearing his name.
It is clear that he is a man that cannot take a NO for answer. It is sickening if you read what also his reallife is doing and behaving.
The only thing I am bothered is that indeed the lawmakers the creators of platforms are still closing their eyes for this kind of terror.
And it is funny I had a friend on SL that is a bit of a demonstrator and he was in the time of occupy and snowdens and assange in a rebel mood and got this picture as profile of this occupy mask and for some reason he got reported because he was having a strong discussion and that has been taken care of by one of the reports. He was banned from SL...But this what clearly is even deaththreatning or ruining your life threat is being ignored. Amazing!
Reading this I think indeed we should set up a voice for all that has been harassed. And maybe it will be a good picture for LL even they would spend a week as a theme on this issue. Have arguments dialogues about this. What would be a good answer for lawmakers for platforms.
I honest even challenged my "stalker" to have an discussion with lawmakers to see where are the boundaries and to realize how far these people can go while nothing is done. ( of course he was not interested ;-) )
How can we protect ourselves real and virtual? What is the mind set you need to have or how to behave? Despite you do know unfortunate it is like driving perfectly your car but the changes are that the accident will be caused by another. Even you know the rules so well etc.
So you always have a change like me and the lady from this piece that you will meet a lunatic and how is the virtual world going to protect us from the bad guys?
As final I am "glad" to have met this lunatic as it opened my eyes and he is used many times as an example. Even though I do not want him to get to much platform. That is the other danger of these people they love the negative or positive attention.... it is attention.
But I do deeply hope there will be a solution to stop this.... at this moment in case of Facebook there is a court case happening. Very interesting as the platform has to give up a kind of rule of privacy to get the bad guy....

Concerned Somebody

This is why you shouldn't reuse images between services you don't want to be related.


Real Life celebrities have to deal with this kind of thing all of the time. Getting attention gets you all kinds of attention.

Until we have the ability to control everything and everyone, we're left with choices.

It will be interesting to see how the use of social media evolves... like if what we don't massively share is just as valuable as what we do.

Rei Nori

Of the horror stories I have heard about anonymity loss, this is among the tamest. I do have sympathy for the woman in the story, but it can be much worse.

There is a subtle point you have missed over the years James. The more SL is like RL, the more undesirable RL situations will "creep" in, and the less people will want to be immersed in SL. Immersion and not mass market appeal is the life blood of virtual worlds.

Brandy Maltas

I have never separated my SL and my RL. Links to my social media are right in my SL profile. I've managed top SL live music performers for 7 years and lead a higher profile SL because of it and I have never been stalked or harassed in RL.

I believe there are cases of SL harassment that leads to RL but I think those are the exception not the rule.


Brandy: I've left my car unlocked several times while shopping and it hasn't been stolen or my radio taken. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to just leave my car open every time I go shopping. But, everyone can do as they will.

Shingami Kayo

Some years ago we spoke of this very thing. Think it was in reference to Facebook policy and at that time google+ policy on names. People have traced back to me, stalking me in SL and yes, stalking me in RL. They extrapolate tidbits of info through profiles, conversational references till they formed a basis to hunt you on. Recently I have had a such an individual who lives within a mile of me turn from friendly nice to I need your cell number and your husband will never know if we got together. This shit is real and can be creepy scary and the general response I get from men is hey, this is no big deal and I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. Lets hope I am not calling the police one day and having to explain how I somehow encouraged this to happen by having a sexy avatar.

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