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Friday, July 31, 2015


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LL, please please please add the ability to use rigged and animated mesh models in SL. That would be a game-changer for content like this....


The SL avatar is a dinosaur, so this is fitting.

Please fast-forward a few million years to now and use your resources to make the avatar and land relevant.

If we have to wait for Sansar for that, then why bother with this?

Oh I forgot, it's never about the residents. It's probably not even about SL.

Binkie Ratatouille

This is just a test to see how the public responds to "experiences" and to measure the potential of their new platform. Why else would Linden Lab put all this effort into that?

The average Unity freebie game looks better than that. Why on earth does Linden build these things. They could use all that work to improve the mainland instead.


I've been playing it, it is great fun imo. The quests are well done and the voice acting is great too. Some of the quests are a bit difficult for some I noticed though, especially the jumping one.

It is ok I guess

It is ok I guess.

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