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Wednesday, July 01, 2015


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

Actually that does bring up an issue--will immersive VR connect to the EAS (Emergency Alert System)? I can just imagine the headlines the first time somebody gets involved in VR and doesn't notice the tornado sirens going off.

Arcadia Codesmith

You know what I hate when I'm gaming? Distractions. You know how much I care about what I look like when I'm gaming? About as much as the cell phone zombies or the average television viewer. It's fragging, not America's Top Model.

There. Issues resolved. You seriously overestimate how much Americans really give a flying fark about anything else when the entertainment is cool enough.

JS Saltwater

Good points. But over-ear headsets have similar issues of masking environmental cues (e.g. sirens, parents yelling :). Headsets with variable opacity could reduce concerns. People can be rudely closed off with TV and books, so that's a matter of degree, not kind. MUVEs tend to be more social than games, so not as isolating as a solo FPS. So I don't see these major issues.


My wife and I were discussing this just the other day. I like to sit in the living room and roam through Second Life while she watches television. Even with earbuds on she can still get my attention. (Marshmallows help.) But VR headsets? Forget it. What was pleasant example of parallel play becomes something much more isolating.

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