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Monday, August 31, 2015


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I really need to work on my Sarkeesian blocker extension for Chrome.


SLud -- don't like it, don't read it, don't comment.


LOL Slud.

I love me some brogramming. Created a billion dollar industry with some of the most advanced tech the world as ever seen while womenz were buying shoes and crying when they're fake nails get chipped.

Ironic thing about the damsel in distress trope is you can just as easily turn it around to be male disposability. Man risks their life on epic dangerous journey to against all odds so woman will be comfort and not have to take responsibility for herself. Much like the historic position of the female of the species through the majority of history. all she has to do is kiss him on the cheek and somehow that's a valid reward.

It's not as if women play up to being sexualised just as much is it now . . 50 shades, aforementioned makeup, spending probably billions of dollars in the fashion industry and the damsel in distress 'trope' in just about every female romance novel going. Oh no, men's men, evil mens

Cube Republic

'For people in the tech industry, her video helps answer a pressing question: What's the deal with tech's "brogrammer" culture'

That's like saying space aliens built ancient monuments in it's inaccuracy.

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