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Friday, August 28, 2015


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Umm. If you are not sure if you are reading it right then why don't you LOG IN to Second Life, follow the slurl, and go find out? Sometimes I seriously wonder if you even use the product you write about.

Cube Republic

The island is yellow-taped off, but looked good, from what I cammed.

Wagner James Au

"why don't you LOG IN to Second Life, follow the slurl, and go find out"

I did. My point is that I'm not sure if it's meant to be an exact replica of Djeser-Djeseru. It's definitely an impressive recreation of an ancient Egyptian construction, but as Cube says, it's blocked off to non-members.

Isis Barom

It is my sim, and Djeser Djeseru has been lovingly crafted by the talented Hattie Munforth...it is still work in progress, but Hattie's time is limited at the moment. Sadly I do keep it closed in the main , I am sometimes working there myself .

Should anyone want to visit IM me and I will open the sim

Isis Barom

After receiving some requests I have opened the sim to visitors for a few weeks. Please see it as work in progress, and thank you for your kind words so far.


Cursa Charisma

I visited the sim earlier today and was very impressed with the attention to detail and effort for authenticity in the build. Thank you to sim owner Isis and builder Hattie, and I hope the build continues to develop and remains open to visitors.

Hail to King Maatkare (Ankh wedja seneb)

Hattie Munforth

Hi there and thank you for your lovely comments about Djeser Djeseru or Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple .
I built the Temple as a representation of the real one , it is by no means an exact copy as the sims in sl are not large enough to have a full to scale version so i worked with what we have in sl , Isis Barom is the sim owner and a dear friend who loves ancient egyptian things , without her kindness and encouragement Djeser would never have been built.
The build is not finished as i do not have the time i used to to concentrate on creating these structures , it is very time consuming but saying that it does not mean i will not return at some point , I do hope you enjoy Djeser Djeseru as it was mainly created to celebrate the life of a very importamt woman in history , thank you again for your lovely comments .

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