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Tuesday, August 04, 2015


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

If Facebook were serious about real names, they'd get rid of all the accounts made in the name of people's pets so the pets can "play" (and thus give goodies to their owners) games.

Sjöfn Stoneshield

Anonymity online is guaranteed in the Swedish constitution. Thus, it is also the EU Constitution.


the story is wrong as reported

FB has been told they cant unilaterally change the persons account to their real name

the person must consent for this to happen

the issue is that the person never consented to the unilateral change


FB should have continued to block the person from the account until the person either a) consented or b) chose to delete the account

sending your RL details when demanded is not consent. Is not consent by the legislation, bc the person was not informed that FB would change their account name on receipt of their details

the authorities are ordering that the previous situation be restored. That the persons real name be removed from the account

and then the person can then decide what to do, should FB insist that the account will remain blocked in accordance with their real name policy. Choose a) or b)


@ Sjöfn

seems you misunderstanding your Personal Data Act

you not guaranteed anonymity. What you guaranteed is that another person (or company) cannot share your personal details with others without your consent

a owner of a privated-owned online service can ask you to consent as a condition of accessing their service. If you choose not to consent then the online provider has no obligation to let you use their service

the only services that do have a obligation to let you use their service are government agencies. Orgs like FB are not government agencies

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