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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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John Q

Charlie Winsmore rocks (Esteban is his alter ego channel). Watch h1z1 videos for a good laugh.

Estelle Pienaar

I agree with you. While bullying might be less frequent in VR, the negative interaction taking place hits people on a much more personal level. It might even be the case that in very realistic VR, there will be psychological consequences as if it was real life bullying.


I think people will be people and they will drag their issues into whatever platform you create for them.

If people will bully others less because the environment is more realistic, then it only figures that those who are bullied will also feel the negative effects more realistically too.

In the case of people using Occulus, you can't assume that the type of person who is willing to wear that mask and stand alone while flapping their arms in mid air isn't going to be a bit anti-social and self-absorbed to begin with.

People fantasize about empowerment. Could Philip be fantasizing about people's good behavior for the sake of his own empowerment?

James Cook

The more flexible the virtual world platform, the more a griefer can impact my experience. On a blog, he can post a piece of text that I can delete or scroll past. In VR he can make noises, gestures, speech, block entry to my house, assault me, etc.

On a blog it's (relatively) easy to write spam and abuse filtering software. In VR I have no idea how to write the "detect an avatar behaving badly and block him" software.

I think the flexibility in VR systems that gives them their amazing promise goes hand-in-hand with making griefing a bigger problem.


What A.J. said. Just more snake oil from a master salesman of utopias. I'll settle for the face-to-face civility of the open mic at my locally owned coffee shop.

Nice thing about a RL social venue: you can evict "griefers" fast. In a rather posh London pub once, I found myself sharing a table with several office-workers just off work. While we were chatting about my "holiday," the kitchen emptied and the barman flew over the bar. The employees all grabbed a guy by his four limbs and tossed him out into the street. Life in the pub quickly resumed its moderately low-key, after-work vibe. I asked what had happened.

"One of your countrymen got a bit uncivil." was the answer.

Best "eject button" I've ever seen. I bought a round for my tablemates.

High Fidelity Visitor

I did visit High Fidelity today for the first time. I had expected to find something interesting after browsing 30 places but there was absolutely nothing except a phone booth that puts you on another domain once you touch it, similar to a hyperlink. Two years in the making and that is all? I see the three.js library stuffed in a client which makes it more laggy compared to using it directly in Google Chrome.

I did not even find a decent demo area, and most places did not bother with collisions either, you just drift everywhere through walls and floors.

It is Garry's mod, there is no chat except an irc room like in the 80's. After 2 years I had expected a minimal demo, the orginal three.js demos impress me much more than what I just saw now.

They do not even have an ocean shader. I also wonder what the point is of a place, a new world where everybody just uploads models they find online and bam there you have your virtual world. Second Life did have a unique system where everything was produced by the residents of the world. That was an interesting concept, one could admire the skill of their fellow residents. Now it is all mesh crap sourced from the net found on the cheap. Why would people bother to create and how could one compete with all possible models already out there.

I will visit again in 3 years, by then there might be chat and a demo area or some sort. It shows what you get when everyone can upload on the cheap, when land has no value, when space is free. It is like the geocities crap webpages from 1993. Free cheap webhosting pages but look what the result was.

Look what you find in opensim because it is cheap and free, all stolen models from Second Life and people do not even bother to put another texture on their sim. When virtual space has no value or cost associated what is the point?


Gee, by stoner-Phil's logic, the more "real" VR becomes the less griefing should occur.

It must be based on "real" real life which is now totally absent of such things like racism, sexism and dickishness.

Yeah, make it more real Phil, that will solve everything.

Too funny.


what is missing in this thinking, is that in a RL encounter there is the ever-present threat of physical violence being retributed on the griefer

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