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Friday, August 14, 2015


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Graham Mills

Missing blog post http://secondlife.blogs.com/nwn/2004/06/all_along_the_i.html

Virtual Christine

Thank you so much for helping to spread word to the thousands and thousands of people Lumi touched in his virtual life, about his untimely passing . Thank you also for bringing the story full circle by talking about his remarkable personal commitment to teaching in every aspect of his life.There will be a memorial service at some point in the near future on the OpenSim World Craft-world.org:8002, which had been his home with Tosha for many years. Everyone is welcome:)

Tosha Tyran

Thank you for your the article, for your compassion and for you caring about Lumiere Noir.

Robustus Hax

Very saddened to hear about the passing of Lumiere. I was not close with him but did have the pleasure in getting to know him a little bit. He built our sim in SL and also took time to teach people how to build in SL for one of our machinima productions. Was just a genuinely good human being with a love for architecture. RIP Vincent

Robustus Hax

Here is a link to an interview Lumiere did with Dousa if people would like to see what a fascinating and great person he was. https://vimeo.com/7034036

Dizzy Banjo

I remember him IMing me some help once in the early days. Such a great guy! RIP

Desmond Shang

So many memories.

Well over 10 years ago, I knew Swen (later known as Lumi) as a very thoughtful person, but also quite a bit of an art rebel. This was on a completely different platform which at the time was still fairly amazing: the nascent there.com of 2001/2002. In the early days, there weren't very many ways to create much there. But create he did, using every platform feature (intended or otherwise) possible.

By the time there were decent mechanisms to do much on there.com, he had moved on. Many of us had tried the 'early' SL and quite frankly... it wasn't very good in the early days. It took vision to see the potential. The first few visits, I didn't 'stick' but did manage to look up Lumi on the fourth or fifth try ~ and he did see the potential. He was in a space suit, building... something, with the intensity of a madman.

We caught up, and in short order he shared his visions; online presence for him was very transformative. It sounds cliche now of course, but then it was fairly revolutionary: an online medium of expression, rather than simply a place to color by numbers. I could see the constraints lifted from my old friend, and he was truly happy.

Of course, the first thing he did with his newfound vision, was to free the constraints of tens of thousands of other people. Perhaps more. Back in those days, everything was very 'fringe' ~ only the highly tenacious early adopter types could survive. Lumi was a true educator, and changed that. The magical SL of 2004~07 simply wouldn't have been possible without the Ivory Tower.

And somewhere in that process, he turned me into a zebra (I was following his rapid instructions) and then was completely unable to figure out how to change back, later. I was stuck as a zebra for days. Help me! I brayed to anyone who would listen, and eventually got a friendly stranger to explain how to undo it. Classic Lumi, simply not worried about that kind of thing! It was worth being occasionally turned into a zebra or something, to keep up with him.

Later on, he was a valuable advisor; I owe much of my own online success to him. He taught me to build, which led to success as a merchant, which led to success with a virtual estate. We would catch up periodically, but he was always ahead of the curve; by the time I got my head around something, he was already on the next thing. Most people would use that kind of vision in selfish ways. He used it for the benefit of others.

I never knew him offline; seeing his face today in the 'fresh start' article link above really got me thinking. "That's him all right." I can feel the same presence.

We lost a true visionary and selfless person.


Desmond said all I was thinking and more. Like Desmond, I first met Lumi in There.com as Swen_Wu_Kong. His avatar then was Dr. Zavatars

He introduced me to one of my beloved friends, CrystalShard. And we all followed him to SL.

He was funny, creative, demanding, and above all, curious. It is because of the tools he shared with us that SL became so much more.

I cannot count the number of people back in those early days that learned to create because of the library, the contest, Lumi's passion for sharing knowledge.

Both virtual worlds & the real world are diminished by his loss.

Travel lightly, Lumi.

Much love & respect,



Darn autocorrect. Lumi's There.com avid was Dr. Zaius.

And I think Lumi would have been amused by the typo. :D

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