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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


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Jessica Pixel

Only being able to pick male or female for ones RL gender is going to make some people upset. I would at least include an 'other' option.

Orca Flotta

And as usual with these kinds of poorly thought out pop culture questionaires most of the proposed premises don't even come close to residents's individual situations.

I have at least one email account for my RL persona and at least one account for my avie. While I don't hold back my private info I don't run around shouting it out into the world neither.

Of course I'm not too fond of having my gov'ment (or even more important, foreign gov'ments, i.e. the USA's) poking around in my private emails. Neither those of me nor my avie's. And I try to avoid advertisements n stuff like the plague.

Like most SL resis I'm technically not adapt enough to even know most of the masking and/or encryption techniques Canary Beck showed us there. I only know all my email addies are kinda open and everybody is free to send me emails as much as they fancy. Most of it lands in my spam folder anyway and even that stuff that goes through I'll never open or read if I don't know the sender personally.

Also I'm on Linux OS, and therefore automatically a bit more secure than most people, so I don't worry too much about my computer security.

sirhc deSantis

Got as far as gender options (age is enough of an annoyance to me but wth) then bailed.
Its 2015, I thought we were over that BS.

Jumpman Lane

Interesting quiz lol. It's odd. I didn't intend to set up any privacy policies about Second Life. I'm just lucky that my real life name is as common as John Smith. I've made quite a few enemies who have stalked and harassed me and that I've been accused of stalking and harassing. Yet, it's really all been blowback from and the give and take of online wars and fueds. My advasaries have decried my "anonymity; but it's really just I had parents with NO imagination when it came to naming their kids. Lol. It's such a brick wall that I've been accused of being EVERYBODY. BLUE lInden. We ee lindens husband blondin linden. Lady Dawson. Stroker serpentine. On and on lol. But my pals know who I am an. I'm even id verified with linden lab. So oh well hehehehe

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