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Friday, August 28, 2015


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Graham Mills

Thanks to Jessica and Fumi for showing how this can be done and glad to see it most likely works in OpenSim too.

Question: Does it work with Windows 10 yet?


I participated in this one! That's me with the curly short hair. Next to me is my friend Loriella!

I suggested to Jessica that we do a silly workout theme next time. I'll go load up on Wriggleworths items from Uber so I can be ready!

Jessica Pixel

@Graham Mills - I'm not sure if it works with Win10. I'm using Win7 and it works fine. I tested the animation server functions between my computer and a Win8 computer and it was fine, so I don't anticipate there being any issues with Win10.

@Cake - I've already been looking for fun 80s workout videos that would work well (no floor exercises since the camera is really bad at figuring out what you're doing if you're not standing upright). I need to find a more interesting location for the next stream too!

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