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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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Levio Serenity

It sucks that even the very best experiences in SL find it so hard to monetize well.

Metacam Oh

That's because SL pretty much grinds to a halt when there are more then 10 people around


$7000 is not much. Is that before or after tier and salaries?
I mean, yea... if it is post expenses, it is not much.
But I am in SL 8-10 hours a day, and I had never heard of this game before. And I would definitely play if I had, so maybe they need to advertise in-world more.
SL does not grind to a halt with 10 people around. Even on a low end machine.
100 or so in the same region is barely weird on my $300 Win 10 Laptop, so I wouldn't listen to Metacam. He must be on a Commodore 64.


Did you ever hear of the word SATURATION in an industry?Everything is expected to be dirt cheap. People over overwhelmed with the amount of content which is always better and more spectacular for a couple of Dollars. A top video game costs 40$ and you get hundreds if not thousands of hours entertainment from that. Games evolve into open worlds like Second Life without all the griefers. Games started to offer player housing on the cheap through the years.

I'm interested to know the net profit of this particular game. Also important to mention is how Madpea gets fucked over by Linden their PaleoQuest who directly compete with him.

Linden puts up 100's of sims and pays moles 8US$ an hour to build for them. Moles have tiny brains so they just accept. The end result is people like MadPea having their projects fail.

Alberg you are such a genius you should get a TED award, wait you should get the Nobel price for economy.


* Alberg = Altberg

metacam oh

yea sorry Melanie you're wrong, if you want to actually play a game you cant have 100 people on the sim. Nice try tho.

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