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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

That is great. Now... will the specification for the interface be available?

Binkie Ratatouille

imagine giving a virtual blowjob to your boyfriend and somebody walks in the room and catches you while you wear that thing on you face. You would be nominated as dork of the century.

Shockwave Yareach

Now tHAT was impressive!

Carlos Loff

Call me stupid, maybe I didnt get it but when I read 3 different platforms I thought - 1 from HF, 1 from Opensim and 1 from SL (just examples), but for my great disappointment this news is about 3 different Glasses or Gadgets or asources on the very same unique one one platform - HF


That's incredible, 3 people using a PC with different peripherals able to connect in the same online environment....Wait a minute, no its not. That's as amazing as me using my mouse, while I'm connected to someone else who is using say a joystick. I would honestly be more surprised if this did not work, as it makes no sense why it wouldn't.


No. This is NOT 3 different PLATFORMS.

It's 3 different INTERFACES to the SAME platform (they're all in HiFidelity).

Hamlet, you should really clarify this in your article.

For a moment I got very excited about interconnectivity between platforms.like SL, Opensim and HF. But alas, no...


what Carlos and Pathfinder said


but is still pretty cool for a 1st up

Ciaran Laval

The headline is a tad misleading but the way the interaction works with three different interfaces is still impressive.


I agree, it's cool. And it's definitely progress. Absolutely.

But it's not progress towards the dream of an interconnected multiplatform metaverse.


Hamlet, I apologize if I sounded curt earlier. I just get a bit over-excited about the prospects of interconnectivity and interoperability in virtual worlds.

I still dream of those wonderful days at LL when work was being done to connect SL with Opensim. Really visionary work was being done back then.

Tamar Luminos

I can honestly say that despite being a reasonably hard core PC gamer, I have zero interest in buying or using an Oculus Rift. And gotta say those avatars are...underwhelming, compared to what we can do in Second Life.

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